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Benefits of our web development process

  • Professional graphic design tailored to your specifications and our recommendations.
  • High performance & reliable web applications running on the newest hardware.
  • Standards compliant programming (HTML, CSS, XML, Javascript)
  • Tested across all major browsers on Mac and PC including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome
  • Optimized for higher rankings
  • We can provide custom interfaces, flash animations and forms.
  • Business automation & backend functionality can be customized to suit your needs
  • We support integration with various payment gateways & UPS rates & service selection for E-Commerce
  • Errors are fixed for free and there is real-time monitoring in place to alert us of errors or downtime.  We often fix problems before you know they exist.
  • We save you money by focusing most of our efforts on one core application that has been refined since 2003 to support the common needs of all web sites.
  • We continuously improve our core application so you get new features & performance without paying anything.
  • In business since 2003, we maintain a low overhead and high quality approach to our services.

When you compare us to other web developers, you'll find:

  • They have lower performance software and hardware that is less refined.  Your application doesn't get upgraded after purchase unless you pay for dedicated time.
  • They don't optimize for search engines on every project.
  • They may lack real-time monitoring and proactive approach to fixing problems.
  • They usually have higher overhead and higher pricing due to more staff, renting office space and more expensive hosting.

Turn-key solutions are less effective

We have not found any turn-key solution to be effective at bringing a web site to the top of search engines. Each project is customized for your competitors and your niche. We make your success our top priority.

Web development is complex

Every web developer takes a long time to finish projects or to make complicated revisions, but typically minor edits are done within 24 to 48 hours.  I wouldn't try to tell anyone that we are faster at customer service.  We have to schedule them in when we can. Usually your web site is the cheapest form of advertisement.  If you compare with print and other online marketing that is very temporary, the cost of a web site is minimal.


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