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Since 2001, I have had a vision for building an advanced web application. I have achieved a unique combination of automation and functionality to drive business results at an unmatched price.

With over 10 years of experience, I have grown to be an expert at what I do and I depend on a large variety of software and knowledge to continue to provide this excellent service. I've gathered together a list of logos of all the vendors and initiatives we have adopted over the years as the core software to run our powerful custom web site applications.

Even with the best tools, software doesn't build itself. Our custom built application is large and has been meticulously maintained for quality and performance. Most clients are only paying for limited custom work and design because many things are already built which helps us to have lower prices.

We comply with licensing terms for all the open source and commercial software we use

We research and apply industry standard best practices

We are cost effective for small businesses

Programming and Standards

We use the following standards, software, libraries, and SDKs to build quality web applications.

Jetendo CMS

Our custom web application is now known as Jetendo and it powers all of our web sites. Soon it will be available under a free open source license for all to enjoy.

Railo CFML Engine

Railo is the application server and programming language that is used for our web sites. It is one of the fastest CFML engines. It generates Java classes based on the CFML code and uses many open source Java libraries to simplify many common web design tasks. Railo is also a free open source project which helps to reduce costs.

Railo CFML Engine

Apache Web Server

Apache Web Server

Google Maps API

Eclipse IDE


Filezilla - Free FTP Software


Jquery - A javascript library for writing less code so you can do more.


MariaDB Database - Open source high performance database server (An enhanced, more free version of MySQL)

MariaDB Database

NotePad++ - A vital tool for keeping track of my notes and making quick changes to code.


IrFanView - Fast, Free, Easy - View full size photos with your mousewheel


Open Source - Using and writing open source software saves everyone money and creates a different kind of community that is more interactive and excited.

Open Source Software

PHP 5 - Occassionally, we use this popular programming language to build something that it is better at doing.


SQLYog - I use this to connect to MySql and manage the database because it is free, fast and simple.


XHTML - We write valid / compatible XHTML code


Cascading Stylesheets (CSS) - We write valid / compatible CSS code


Communication / Office Software

Staying in touch with clients is just as important as making software. With Google Apps, Androids and Mozilla Thunderbird, I can sync all my contacts and keep my Email fast and organized for free. I was previously using Microsoft Outlook, but Thunderbird 3.1 is actually better then Microsoft Outlook 2010 in several ways and it's great that its free.

Mozilla Thunderbird

Google Apps

Trillian Astra

Instant Messenging is very helpful when communicating with contractors and staff. I use www.Trillian.im because it allows you to connect all the major chat providers without showing ads and has a simple interface.



I stopped using Microsoft Office and haven't looked back. OpenOffice can view / edit Microsoft Word and Excel documents without the cost. It's free open source software.


Security and Best Practices

Protecting customer data is very important and we use several technologies to do that. All software has been configured to depend on firewalls, SSL Certificates, 128 or higher Encryption and SSH where security is best needed. We also use various algorithms to encrypt certain data, such as passwords.

SSH - Secure Communications

SSL Encryption and SSL Certificates


Windows Firewall

Windows Firewall

Adobe Software

I have a license for Adobe Creative Suite 5 Design Premium, which includes all of their software except for the video and audio apps. I primarily use Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and Acrobat on a day to day basis.

Adobe Corporation

Adobe Acrobat / Adobe PDF

Everyone uses PDFs in their daily work now, but many don't have Acrobat Professional and we also are able to generate data driven PDFs with Coldfusion.

Adobe PDF

Adobe Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver is what I wrote almost all the code with.

Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Flash

Flash animations and menus are commonly used across the internet. Most internet video is also transfer using Flash technologies. As HTML 5 and other standard evolve, Adobe is committed to building tools and conversion utilities to keep the Flash community growing. Flash is also used in high profile games for console, computers and mobile devices to display the interface and help companies produce engaging experiences faster.

Adobe Flash

Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator

Adobe sets a high standard for Digital Photo Editing and Illustration for web developers with Photoshop and Illustrator. Both Photoshop and Illustrator have numerous tools which enable advanced designs to be created and maintained quickly. They also make it easy to share files between staff and contractors.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Centos Linux

We host the web sites on a recent version of Centos Linux Operating System. This is one of the most stable and reliable platforms available. We've built our own security configuration from scratch to ensure the upmost service reliability. Our systems are backed up continuously.

Microsoft Software

I use Windows operating systems for development and for specific server software.

Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2

Windows 7 Ultimate

Browser Compatibility

We build our systems to be compatible with modern browsers such as Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera on Mac, Linux and Windows

World-class desktop browser support already built-in.

Desktop Browser

Mobile Browsers

As mobile internet use grows on tablets and phones, we will research and develop features that make sense for these devices.

Google Android OS

Android OS

Rim Blackberry


Apple iOS (iPhone / iPad)

Apple iOS

Microsoft Windows Phone (Previously Windows Mobile)

Windows Phone


We use high performance dedicated servers and service them ourselves to ensure things are done correctly.

In Summary, Web Development is Not Simple

The complexities of staying up to date on so many technologies and paying license fees is a challenge.

To me, this is fun, but good web developers are a rare breed.

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