November 2013 Blog Archive

Can you globally monitor javascript errors in all browsers? yes! Fri, Nov 29, 2013 I just found out you can monitor javascript errors globally with this Javascript code: window.onerror=function(message, url, linenumber){} Surprisingly, that works on all the modern browsers we need to support already include IE 5.5+, Chrome, Firef... Read More

How to use Monit on Ubuntu for monitoring common web services and to reduce your downtime Fri, Nov 29, 2013 I just setup monit for our production server, and boy was it is easy. Why use monit if you already have other monitoring?  Well, monit can auto-restart your services, run scripts, send emails and monitor at any frequency you wish, for free... Read More

Tips for writing cross-browser friendly CSS more quickly Fri, Nov 29, 2013 Some of the mistakes you make that cause problems in Internet Explorer and other browsers can be learned and prevented.   I try to summarize the main things I think about when I'm initially converting a design to HTML.   Of course there is ... Read More

Using scrypt hashing with Coldfusion or Railo Sun, Nov 10, 2013 To aid others in implementing scrypt using Coldfusion or Railo, I wanted to make a quick post to give you the short possible example of how it can be done.   Here is the Java source:   You can find... Read More

Adobe data breach possibly the largest ever Sun, Nov 10, 2013 According to Adobe's official response regarding the recent data breach - possibly the largest in history - a "backup server" admittedly had passwords and credit cards stored with encryption that can be reversed which is a bad practice.   O... Read More

Jetendo CMS login security upgraded - again Sun, Nov 10, 2013 Scrypt now used for login tokens and password hashing Jetendo CMS now has a second option for password hashing integrated with it, which has become the default for all my clients. I'm using the Scrypt java project now: Read More