White Hat SEO – Approved Methods to Increase Rankings

Wed, Apr 09, 2008 at 10:50AM

In our previous blog post, I discussed black hat methods for search engine optimization (SEO). Today I would like to discuss White Hat SEO.   The white hat SEO techniques are ways to providing ethical SEO for a website. Search engines have guidelines to be followed. Black hat methods are means to manipulation or fool search engines and not follow guidelines. With white hat, the goal is to make what the viewer and search engines see the same. Sometimes this might seem to come at a cost because black hat methods will get the response you want at a faster pace. However, in the end black hat methods can harm your site by getting you penalized by search engines. When developing an ethical SEO technique and applying to your website it is done in a permanent way giving you respect in your field. 
In trying to enhance the popularity of the website, the content is very important because it in itself well attracting users to your website. A well-designed website with cached pages will get your site crawled by search engines. Both content and design will bring you that traffic and ranking you look for.


It can be frustrating when a competitor site is doing black hat and getting away with it, but remember it will not be for long.   Search engines do target different tactics from time to time. Right now, they seem to be focusing even more on paid links. Paying for links is against the rules. It will get that those sites page rank dropped and penalized.


Besides good content in white hat, internal linking is important as well. Text links on the home page offer quick access to other parts of the site and are better than drop down boxes.


Link exchange is a part of the process as well. Finding a relevant site and working with their webmaster to link to your site providing an additional resource for your viewers is important.


Writing articles with a signature and link to your site attached and submitting them to several publication sites can be good as well. There is no need to submit duplicate content. Make each one a new article.
Using proper keywords in your content is important for your website. When viewers search for information, they are pulled to your site by that keyword.

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