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SSL Certificate and Nginx management features now built-in to Jetendo CMS Sun, Aug 24, 2014 Implementing SSL is one of the best ways to protect financial data, password and other information in transit over the Internet. It's becoming even more important now as privacy concerns have increased due to government and malicious users spying on... Read More

Invisionapp.com was built on ColdFusion Sun, Jun 15, 2014 I'm sure most developers have run into invisionapp.com by now, but for those who haven't, it is a great tool for reviewing and collaborating on design ideas with your web design clients. Today, I just discovered that Ben Nadel, a big ColdFusion voic... Read More

DMARC Policy change at big ISPs wreaking havoc on existing email systems Thu, May 01, 2014 Yahoo, AOL, Microsoft, Google, and perhaps others have recently decided to start blocking email sent from their domain that was sent from a different mail server. Many website email systems send mail on behalf of the user to notify their custom... Read More

High availability clustering is complicated for no good reason Sat, Mar 15, 2014 My research of replication and syncing different systems has constantly resulted in find other developers' articles that rant on endlessly about how many "gotchas" exist and how many workarounds there are.  There is so much manual labor involved... Read More

The most important projects on the Jetendo CMS Roadmap Sat, Mar 15, 2014 The Jetendo CMS Roadmap features a long list of ambitious changes to make it have some pretty unique features in the world of open source CMS platforms. https://www.jetendo.com/roadmap/index Below I'm pointing out the ones that will have the b... Read More

Thinking about making your project Open Source? Thu, Feb 20, 2014 You may find that you have to do a number of extra things when making your software able to be distributed to others.  Perhaps the biggest ones are: Documentation and automation for installing / upgrading the software. Improve security so yo... Read More

Anyone looking for extra web development work? Thu, Jan 30, 2014 I'm curious if anyone is interested as becoming the go-to independent contractor on some of my projects that are slightly more technical then designers / non-technical person can manage. Pricing is usually set by you, the contractor, and I don't get... Read More

Can you globally monitor javascript errors in all browsers? yes! Fri, Nov 29, 2013 I just found out you can monitor javascript errors globally with this Javascript code: window.onerror=function(message, url, linenumber){} Surprisingly, that works on all the modern browsers we need to support already include IE 5.5+, Chrome, Firef... Read More

How to use Monit on Ubuntu for monitoring common web services and to reduce your downtime Fri, Nov 29, 2013 I just setup monit for our production server, and boy was it is easy. Why use monit if you already have other monitoring?  Well, monit can auto-restart your services, run scripts, send emails and monitor at any frequency you wish, for free... Read More

Rethinking the way we design web sites for higher pixel density displays Sun, Jul 07, 2013 New laptops like the one I got and "retina" ones, and tablets above 200 pixels per inch are very hard to read when the web is viewed at 100% zoom.  All text is about 6 or 8 points like that.  These displays squeeze 1080p or higher resolutio... Read More

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