We now support forced lead capture forms on our real estate web sites

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Tue, Oct 09, 2012 at 10:04PM

I built some new features into the lead capture form that pops up on the site.

If you are logged in to the manager - it will never show the form.
If you have submitted the form EVER before, it stores a PERMANENT COOKIE, so you WON'T see the lead capture form again until your CLEAR YOUR COOKIES and refresh the site.
The form can now be set to be REQUIRED.  This makes it impossible to use the site until they submit a name, email and phone number.

This site is an example of how it works.  On the 3rd listing you view, it will force the popup lead capture form to submitted.

Additionally, I have improved the programming of all popups forms so that they function WELL on android and ipad tablets.  You can pinch to zoom and fill out the form even on a tablet.  I added improved intelligence for when the screen is rotated or the browser window resizing, so now it is easy to fill out on tablets & desktop computers even when the screen is VERY SMALL.   It even works on a smartphone browser.

I also integrated it with our new instant load system so it just works as expected, but this did take extra work.

Additionally, I have programmed this to have other configuration options for any of our web sites.

Option 1: It can show the form optionally or be required.

Option 2: When is it shown:
A: After X number of listings viewed
B: It can be shown the FIRST time a listing search is done so that they can't browse the results until submitting their information.
C: Or it can function after the Xth page view regardless of what page they are on - This is how it used to be - and 5 pages is the current default setting until you ask me to change it.

Please make a decision now if you want to REQUIRE users to submit the form after viewing X number of listings or pages or before searching.

The dozens of third party vendors that advertise their mls solutions to you often claim how amazing their lead capture systems are.   Often the only thing they are doing is provided a forced lead capture option just like this one.  Some of you have told me how you want to have forced lead capture or wonder if it performs better.  Now, you can ask me to turn it on, for NO ADDED COST, and see for yourself if you like the lead quality resulting from this.

The leads will appear in your manager as the "Inquiry Pop-up" type like they usually do.

Also, if you don't like the current form's design or criteria, that's OK.  You can pay me to make a new form just for your web site(s).  Just let me know what you want and I'll give you a quote.

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