Viral Marketing - Implementing Creativity

Wed, Mar 26, 2008 at 3:20PM

Viral marketing is a marketing event where people are encouraged to pass along a marketing message voluntarily.

The first step to having a successful viral marketing campaign is to create something unique, creative, informative, controversial, and hilarious. Basically, it must be something that people want to share for the shear entertainment or informational value it holds. This could be video, top 10 lists, online surveys or quizzes, pictures, widgets, etc.

Once you created your masterpiece, you need to put it out there for people to see. Sending out emails to your own social network of friends is a good place to start. Get their feedback and see if they liked it enough to forward it on to their friends. If it gets their approval, move on to other popular social websites.

Some of the most popular sites you can submit your work for members to review include digg, facebook, stumbleuppon, uTube, MySpace, and other social websites.

Additional ideas to consider

Go to blogs and chat rooms to build buzz about your cool feature, if you know Flash programming consider making a small interactive game of animation free to share, record instructional videos of yourself talking about what you know how to do best and submit them to uTube.

Neat Ideas for Your Website

gift registries, gift certificates, community bulletin boards, community chat rooms, product comparison tools, online surveys and other widgets.

Remember the most important thing is that your viral content must be really good or people will not want to share it. 

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