Video upload & resizing feature now built-in and it's iOS (iphone/ipad) compatible!

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Fri, Apr 13, 2012 at 10:10PM

Previously, we've uploaded videos to youtube and then use the youtube embed to put the videos on our client's web sites.

Starting today, a new option in our content manager is available that lets you upload and resize videos that will only be accessible on the client's web site.

This will enable our clients to have more privacy and control over videos they produce.  

This is also one step towards having a video subscription service where people have to provide their contact information or payment in order to see videos.  We are able to securely deliver the video so that each download requires a secure login first.  This is something you can't accomplish with and similar video hosting services.

To make the upload process reliable and easy to understand what's going on, our system shows you a progress bar while the upload and encoding process is running.  The upload form also allows you to select multiple video files to upload at once.  The video upload feature also continues to keep your session alive so that you can leave it processing for hours without having to start over.  It is also recommended you do video uploads with a wired Internet connection since wireless connections can be unreliable and slower for large uploads like this (but they should still work).  

I also restrict the server to only process 1 video at a time. This ensures the maximum level of performance and reliability for our normal web site visitors during a CPU intensive video encoding job.  

I went to great lengths to test and secure this system.  There is built-in log/error trapping feature for me to analyze later if anything goes wrong so I can assist the client with completing the video upload process and possibly fix any bugs with their specific format problem.

The video uploader should support the same formats that youtube does, which is quite a lot of them.  So chances are you already have a video file that is compatible with most popular cameras/software on the market today.

In some cases, using is still desirable for hosting your video as many more people visit directly and it can generate additional visitors to your web site.  Posting video on other web sites like youtube is a popular Search Engine Optimization technique, so I wouldn't tell clients to completely ignore in all cases.

It's also possible to use the embed code my system generates on other web sites.  If you have blogs or other domains out there, you can paste it in and it just works.  I also made sure it will be able to update in the future as technology changes thanks to using an "iframe" just like youtube does.

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