Utilize Google Analytics & Key Word Tool to Optimize Your Website

Wed, Apr 09, 2008 at 4:30PM

Google Analytics shows statistics about your website. With it, you can learn who is accessing your website, for how long, and what keywords they are searching to do this. It can be difficult at first to understand Google analytics, but it is worth taking some time and trying to understand it. A custom website design services company will do this for you. So if you have difficulty tracking this yourself or limited by time, just find the right SEO Company. The information you find on Google Analytics will allow you to implement changes to your website and will improve your site’s traffic and rankings.
There is so much data provided with Google analytics including a listing of which search engines are referring traffic to your website. They also track what keywords users are using to search for your website. This will help you or your custom website design company to determine how to better optimized your website with better choices of keywords. If you see that, some of your keywords are doing well then keep them but if some are not then it is time to change them. This overall can give you the best results for increasing traffic to your website. By monitoring this activity, you will be able to stay on top of the strategy for your site’s keywords.
By using Google key word tool and searching keyword results, you can best achieve the targeted keywords for your website. Keeping a list handy of the keywords and adding to title and content updates to your website can increase your sites chances of ranking for that keyword phrase.

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