Using scrypt hashing with Coldfusion or Railo

Sun, Nov 10, 2013 at 6:00PM

To aid others in implementing scrypt using Coldfusion or Railo, I wanted to make a quick post to give you the short possible example of how it can be done.
Here is the Java source: 
You can find a binary jar file here or by search google for "scrypt 1.4 java jar": 
Before selecting a CPU cost value, I did a quick benchmark of different values.  Note the CPU cost has to be a multiple of 2.
CPU: Intel Core i7-3740QM benchmark results:
16384 = 37ms  
32768 = 74ms
65536 = 366ms
131072 = 2.835ms
Make sure you put the Jar file in a location that is accessible by Coldfusion/Railo with the correct permissions and then update the path to the jar below.   Note Railo has a third argument for specifying the Jar path.  On coldfusion, you must remove that and rely on it being loaded from the classpath during start-up.  You can determine your classpath in the administrator for Railo or Coldfusion.

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