Top 5 Web site Design Mistakes That Affect Search Engine Ranking

Mon, Apr 14, 2008 at 6:40AM

  1. Lack of Content:  Search engines like new content, and adding new content often is good. Using keywords in that content in the right balance, and with a natural flow, makes it both user and search engine friendly.

  2. Images for Headings: They may look good but do nothing for the SEO of your website. Using CSS to modify text can give you that alternative look to your website, and the text will be crawled by search engines.

  3. Follow up:  Once your website is created and an SEO strategy is put into place, do not stop there.   SEO requires monitoring search engines algorithms and results. You should then make any necessary changes on a regular basis. 

  4. Flash and Javascript use in websites: Search engines do not crawl flash and javascript. Therefore, you should not use these coding techniques solely on your web page. This will result in users not finding your website. You can avoid this problem by providing a Flash-HTML or Java-CSS version to the website.

  5. Title Tag: A blank title tag is seen in the top of your browser bar. Here is where you keywords should be to help optimization and improve search results. Do not leave this important keyword phrase out.

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