The most important projects on the Jetendo CMS Roadmap

Sat, Mar 15, 2014 at 3:50PM

The Jetendo CMS Roadmap features a long list of ambitious changes to make it have some pretty unique features in the world of open source CMS platforms.

Below I'm pointing out the ones that will have the biggest impact on what Jetendo CMS becomes most able to do that it can't do today.

Add social comments & email notification features that replace the need for dropbox, zendesk, basecamp, disqus and many other cloud services.  I put several hours into technical planning for this now.

Real estate system redesign to allow cheap customization to specific MLS data feeds and faster updates without all the bug-like behavior and inefficient / inflexible system design.  System could be much more flexible and faster to scale out to rest of the country saving $200 to $1000 per project in programming cost and possibly allow sites to be created at zero up-front cost without causing us to lose any money.

High availability clustering - redesign app to support 1 site on many servers always in sync with no single point of failure and across multiple datacenters with the highest level of security at the lowest cost.

Auditing and versioning - redesign app to have copies of everything, and never permanently delete anything if desired.  Extremely difficult to build this across all features in a way that doesn't cause system to be 3 times slower.   I've spent many hours researching and planning this.

Documentation - for CMS users and/or developers. Foundation is there now, needs time spent writing.

File system integrity monitoring - Guarantee we know that the server's files and permissions are intact so a security breach or undesirable filesystem is instantly known.

Caching system that has full awareness of the data that is on the page, so it clears tiny amount of cache at the right time, instead of all the time and store the entire site as static HTML even on complex real estate sites where listing data changes throughout the day.  This will allow scaling from million of hits per day to billions on a single server and makes even the most complex pages load instantly.  Helps survive denial of service attacks.

Full ajax on everything - Conversion of Jetendo CMS to full javascript / ajax experience on all remaining features, especially forms and the manager.

Add layout builder, plugin data format, and responsive / mobile automation to make supporting all screen sizes cheap and to support a variety of widgets "out of the box" perform custom programming begins.  This reduces programming time on too-custom projects by 70%.

Add multi-lingual support to the entire system so CMS can be distributed with multiple built-in languages, but also allow user to add translations for any of the content they add.  Perhaps the least useful feature for us, and quite difficult, but it's important for a successful CMS app.

Automated testing - apply the Agile / Test Driven Development philosophy to future work on the project, and go back and refactor code to be testable and routinely tested.

Every one of these upgrades will be over 100 hours of development time.  None of them generate income directly, but they are critical to improving value, so I plug away at these things as I can.   I hope to find some folks who want to get involved helping me.   It's really hard to know when big ambitious projects like these can ever be completed, but many small milestones over months and years add up to having extremely robust systems.   As my company grows, I may be able to fund development of these so that I can have others on the clock helping towards these goals.

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