The importance of personally obtaining all skills required for success

Sat, Feb 18, 2012 at 11:25AM

Over the years, I have developed a number of skills to reduce my expenses and understand more of the process of running a web development business.

I try to be an artist and figure things out myself and express myself.  Often, that may not seems like the fastest / easiest route, but it is what I like.

Below is a list of the things I've worked on developing or building over the years.

I have built my own accounting software and manually do my taxes direct on the written forms according to the instructions both personal and corporate.  I have learned the extra steps necessary to form and run an S Corporation in Florida.

I have my own payroll software which calculates employee and contractor income & taxes.

I have my own automated invoicing and billing software that is integrated with paypal recurring payments so that I can handle my own billing without much effort.

I can do sales emails and phone support work and have extensive experience working remotely with people around the country.

I have an understanding of computer security and merchant compliance requirements for protecting financial information and implementing safer computing practices across a company.

I can provide technical support for general computing and networking including building computers from their components and diagnosing problems.

I have written my own software to automate large portions of the repetitive work and I am able to cost effectively automate business processes for any company.

I have a fine art and graphic design background.  When desired, I can produce art in nearly any media including illustration, design, animation, music, video and physical construction.

I understand modern music production software and recording techniques. I play several instruments frequently.

I can do self-promotional marketing and marketing for other individuals/companies.  I have done traditional ad placement in newspapers, magazines and brochures as well as online advertising for small and medium sized campaigns including banners, pay per click management, web site development, copywriting and more.

I can provide analytic insights and projections for business planning based on research & development.

I interview and hire vendors, contractors and manage these relationships.

Wearing all of these hats for the last few years has given me a more balanced understanding of what it takes to be successful and avoid future mistakes.  I see the people around me depending on others to fulfill vital roles in their business and often this invites further complications because they expect results but don't understand how to achieve them.  By becoming knowledgeable in every area of doing business, I hope to be a better leader and understand the work on a deeper level when I delegate tasks to others.  This lets me measure our progress more accurately and not be led astray.

I also seek to be more fair with sharing profits and develop mutually beneficial relationships.  I have a distaste for certain aspects of capitalism and our society, and I hope to run a company that continuously values people more equally and with increased freedom.

I often have minimal corporate "red tape" and create client friendly agreements that focus on their success.  I try to maintain lower pricing then competitors and limit my wages and expenses to within my means.

Everyone makes mistakes including myself and I can't promise the people I work with that they'll make a fortune.  I try to provide a structure that maximizes freedom, fairness and honesty.  Enabling people to be productive at their choosen capacity is all I can do.  We must all learn to be the master of our lives and challenge ourselves to be the best we can be.

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