The Truth About SEO – Best Practices

Wed, Apr 09, 2008 at 6:45AM

Hyphen in domain - While having hyphens will flag your website for a manual inspection if your content pass inspection you will be fine. 
Traffic website ranking - Search engines don’t rank websites based on traffic. A search engines goal is to display most relevant content to its users. Lots of traffic does not mean the most relevant content.  


Link to popular site increase ranking - While linking to a popular site that is relevant to the content of your website brings authority, linking to a bad spam site will destroy ranking or future growth.  


Shared IP - You can be hosted on a shared IP address but do not link or you will be considered a link farm. 
Bad links affect rankings - Understanding the search engine rules and implement them is always best. You can also talk to other sites about the search engines for their input that share your target words. A common rule is not to use any paid link sites or you will be penalized. Do not follow sites offer nothing for linking.

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