Targeted Traffic Can Be Achieved With Anchor Text

Fri, Apr 25, 2008 at 1:00PM

Anchor text is the text that is visible to the user that links to another URL. For example, link building services, is a hyperlink with the anchor text "real estate web design" hyperlinked to this URL: In HTML code, this link is written like this:
<a href="">real estate web design</a>

Common Webmaster Mistakes

When you are writing the anchor text for all your links, careful consideration should be taken to write a keyword rich description of the page you are linking to.  In the past, it was common for webmasters to create links that don't inform the search engines what the page is about.  This is a huge mistake.  In order to build relevance properly, you must use anchor text correctly.  Instead of saying "more info", “click here” or "" for your anchor text, you should put your best keyword phrases.  Also you should be careful to keep your anchor short so that is an exact match to what people actually type.   Each link you create sends part of your page rank to that URL.  So you must have a balance with how many links are on a page and avoid linking to other web sites excessively unless you are trying to help them rank better at your expense.   The location of the link and the page rank of the page will also determine how much page rank is sent to the destination URL.  The best way to avoid mistakes like this is to work with a Search Engine Optimization company like ours who will monitor the links to and from your web site.

How is page rank related to anchor text?

Not all links are treated equally.  Search engines use advanced algorithms to process the anchor text of inbound links.  This information determines what topics your web site is relevant for.  If Google can't find any relevant keywords in your link text, it will have to resort to looking at the URL and content of the pages to determine what the link is about.   When everything is consistent and available, your relevance will be higher.  However, many people only have 1 or 2 aspects of relevance established.  Consider the list below when writing new pages of content.

Ways to improve relevance:

• A clear hierarchy to the page using heading tags and implementing usability standards.
• URL Rewrites to include keyword descriptions of the page.
• Relevant and unique page titles for all pages of the web site
• Mix in related synonyms and keywords in your page content
• Consistency between the back-links, anchor text, url and page title.

Google and other search engines will rank you better for a keyword when your anchor text pointing to that page is an exact match for the searches people are making.  Also, you can easily control how the page rank flows within your site by carefully linking your best ranking pages to other important pages of your web site with the correct anchor text. You should always know your target keywords for each topic you are writing about.  The content and links to this content are better optimized when the anchor text contains the major keywords of your content.  It is especially important for other people to link to you from their web site with the correct anchor text.  However, you cannot always control how people link to you.  An incorrect link still helps you rank better but not as much.  It is definitely worth revisiting old links you have control over and updating them with keyword rich phrases.

Finding the best anchor text

When deciding on a title keyword you should think how would a user would access the website and what words would they use.  You should also use keyword tools such as the ones listed below to make a list of relevant keywords to promote your website.  By using a keyword tool, you will see the level of competitive keyword choices.  Making the title keyword flow naturally in the content is best.  Many companies provide tools and resources to find competitive keywords.  This information can be purchased or research for free.  Why is it free?  Because search engines like Google make most of their money from Pay Per Click and other paid placement.  Companies spend more money when more relevant visitors click on their ad and help increase their sales.   It is to Google's advantage to share the search queries that users perform because it helps companies find ways to spend more money on ads.  The interface Google provides allows you to quickly sort out which keywords are the best by search volume monthly or annual and the amount of competition.  However, you can use other sources for your keyword research to discover what users may type on other search engines or to help find keywords that may be less competitive, but that are still worthwhile.

Keyword Research Resources

Google Adwords Keyword Tool


There are even more resources listed on the Wikipedia for keyword research:

Our Link Building Services

When you consider all the aspects of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you will realize that working with an expert in the industry will be a more effective way to increase your online business.  An expert SEO company will allow you to return focus to your core personal and business goals instead of your web site.

With anchor text and link building being the most important and time consuming aspects of Search Engine Optimization, you should consider working with us on an ongoing basis to increase your visitors and leads.  Far Beyond Code, Inc specializes in Search Engine Optimization and we offer effective link building services to many of our clients.  Contact us today and we will work to improve your relevance and rankings!

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