Submitting Articles - The Key To Gaining Popularity Online

Tue, Apr 08, 2008 at 10:55AM

With so many strategies on increasing your website popularity including blogs and forums, you should also consider doing articles.


Some benefits of article writing are that you can add keywords or phrases about your website in the article. When someone is searching on the internet they may pull your article from the keywords you select. So considering the best keywords to use is important and the number of keywords to use. One or two is good but more than that and you might annoy the reader and then they will leave the article.


Where to publish the articles is your decision. Many people use directories and some send them to publisher sites. Finding a site that is popular and relevant with a do follow is where you want your articles published. When you publish on several sites, you will create links pointing back to your website. Then search engines will raise your sites ranking. There is some discussion about duplicate content because search engines do not like it. Therefore, you really do not need to do many articles on different sites. It would be better to do several articles a week to five sites as opposed to several articles a week to 50 sites.


Articles can be an affordable choice as you can write them or hire someone to do it for you. You can manually update the articles or use software that will allow you to automatically submit too many directories. When writing the article make sure it is unique and useful to the reader and relevant to your website. Make sure your keywords flow easily in the content of the article.
With several popular articles a week, your site can start gaining traffic and top rankings.

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