Social Marketing is the hottest trend in Online Marketing

Sat, Apr 26, 2008 at 10:45AM

If you spend time researching Social Marketing, you'll find it is one of the most explosive growth areas on the Internet.  Many companies haven't realized there are vast new opportunities to cash in on this segment on the market right now. 

Many companies are starting to cash in on Social Marketing and this helps them eliminate the need for Google Rankings.  In fact, Social Marketing is so helpful that besides increase your visitors, it can even give you multiple positions on page 1 of Google since you are listed on many different social web sites as the top ranking page for your keyword.  Not everyone has made the plunge in Social Marketing because many believe the users of these web sites are too young and don't spend money online.  They are wrong according to recent independent studies.  Users of social networking web sites have widely varied demographics and on average they are more savvy Internet users who make more money and spend more online than the average Internet user. 

Sites like have more page views than Google itself.   Also, many of the social media sites help you target certain demographics instead of broad keywords.  Instead of just ranking for a keyword phrase, you can also appeal to certain sex, age or other demographic criteria with your products.   The most popular social web sites are growing explosively with 100's of thousands of new users each month.  With mainstream acceptance, social marketing has now become a permanent and vital component of a successful online marketing campaign.

How do I get started with Social Marketing?

You need to use your best content that is authoritative on its subject and avoid overly obvious self-promotion by including independent sources and credit to other authorities and competitors in your industry.  You need to spread out to include many different subjects with the content you submit and constant expand.  By focusing on higher quality, creative marketing, users will invest more time and energy doing all the hard work for you.   It is a good idea to convert your best content into high quality video presentations using the free software included with most affordable cameras and computers. 

The goal is to post your video and content on all the major social networking / web 2.0 sites so that you can quickly become the spotlight of attention for your subject area and achieve top rankings quickly.   Don't forget to link back to your own web site in your content, videos, and comments on these web sites.

People who are excited about your content will blog about it, make links to it and improve the public's opinion of your product or service.  Since you are working directly with your customers, you must be careful to build a positive reputation and earn their trust.  Bad press can get your company, domains and accounts banned from the social web site and make your sales go down.  It is important you do Social Marketing that users will take kindly to so you don't get on their bad side.  

If you are able to do this effectively, other people will do all the hard work for you for free.   They'll blog about you, make videos, link to you, create social bookmarks and buy your products & services.   This growth in business can happen instantly instead of waiting forever for search engine rankings because there are millions of people on these web sites every day and many are already talking about the topics related to your company's products & services.  Help educate them and guide them to your business by providing great content and interacting with your customers.

The average internet user watches more than 5 minutes of video per day

It's important to include video as a part of your sales process now especially with Google's Universal Search giving top rankings to relevant videos in the main search results.  This market is still growing rapidly and you can now buy a high resolution video camera for as low as $75.  The software needed to upload it to the web is included or available for free download.

Are you ready to be amazed with your results?

One company decided to compare Pay Per Click with Social Marketing and they ended up receiving over 300 times more traffic paying for a Social Marketing campaign compared to a Google Adwords campaign with the same budget for each campaign.   In addition, social marketing help you build long term rankings and can improve the public opinion of your products and services.   Social media marketing has statistically been shown to increase sales nearly 100% for certain products.   With millions of new users signing up on social media web sites each month, your content will be seen by an even larger audience in the future.   Get established now by learning the ins and outs of this approach to marketing your business and you'll be at the top for long to come.

List of Top Social Media Web Sites

Companies both small and large can now cash in with effective Social Marketing on major web 2.0 sites such as these:

For more social networking web sites, visit the Wiki here and for more information on the Social Media Marketing (SMM) industry, visit the Wiki here

Also keep in mind that the above web sites cover the widest variety of subjects on the Internet.  There are also industry specific web sites such as these:

Real Estate:

Vacation Rentals & Travel:


Here are a few ways to get exposure for your company

Create Social Bookmarks with the help of that can submit to over 30 social web sites in one step.   You do have to create an account on each web site you submit to, but once that is done, you can list all your best links.   What links should you send?  You home, specials pages, the most popular site content including articles or blogs, videos, documents and your squidoo pages. is good way to get traffic, links and Google rankings.  You can also target many demographics with this site.  When posting content to your squidoo pages, think of your different business segments, target audiences and seasonal occasions that are appropriate for your products & services.  Also think of how you can benefit from affiliate marketing and split profit marketing on your squidoo pages. lets your post articles and link back to your web site. Post some of your best content here as these articles can start ranking well and if the use likes what you wrote, they may visit your web site for more information and become a customer.

Post your classified listings, real estate and vacation rentals on  Add your real estate listings to, and   Make sure to link back to a relevant page of your web site with the keywords you are targeting such as "Orlando Real Estate"  or "North Georgia Cabin Rentals".  For more information on choosing keywords, click here

Social Marketing is the perfect approach for new online businesses who need quick results

As the owner of a new domain, you will often become frustrated with the Google Sandbox and long waits for improvements in your rankings no matter how great your web site's content and links are.   Social marketing web sites are established and are a great vehicle for new online businesses to spread the word about their products and services.  The social media web sites are trusted authorities, so you get the benefits of very fast crawling and indexing.  You can rank instantly for the keywords you target as well as increasing your site's traffic from the sites you list it on.    Coming up with creative ideas for link bait such as contests and special offers help to get high quality backlinks and find buyers on social networking web sites.

Now is the time to cash in on Social Marketing while the market is brand new and growing fast.   It is an equal opportunity marketplace where you can stand out no matter how big or small your company is.  Find out what it is like to start ranking instantly on search engines and building your business through the power of Social Marketing.  Contact us today to discuss Social Marketing and other Search Engine Optimization services.

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