SEO and Links - A Vote For Your Website

Tue, Apr 08, 2008 at 10:05AM

When you think of search engine optimization (SEO), the next thing you think of are links. Links have as much weight as a keyword has in the SEO of your website.

When adding links to your website, you must add relevant links with similar information related to your website. This is just as important as linking to a quality website with a high page rank, but not often possible. Your links should have a natural flow of different page ranks that you have chosen to link with. The prize links are the sites that offer a high page rank and give you more juice for rankings. The site you link to should also have less than 50 links on a page and not be offensive or a hate site. You never want to pay for a link because that is against search engine guidelines. When you get too many links too fast, sometimes search engines think you have paid for them. Therefore, it is always best to grow your site slowly.

Links also provide traffic to your website, which will increase sales of whatever your site offers. So you can see that links increase your profit and your growth. 

Search engines see these links to your site as a vote for value for your website. The more links on your site the better the search engine will rank your website.

Adding links to a site can be a slow process that can take 3-12 months before seeing the benefit of this investment.  Using organic methods of obtaining links and consistently working at it will prove successful.

Hiring a link building company to add links to your site can be the best value for your time.

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