SEO Vocabulary Update - Key Terms To Know

Tue, Apr 08, 2008 at 10:25AM

Here is a quick review of some vocabulary related to search engine optimization.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process when you make a website more important for users and search engines. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is online marketing that will drive traffic to your website. Search engines constantly change their search algorithms providing a better search result. This is why SEO efforts focus on back-linking and content.


A backlink is a link from another site linking to your website. The number of backlinks on your website is an important measure of the popularity and placement your website receives. If you receive a back link from a popular or prominent website like a university the better the back link helps to rank the website always stay relevant to your site.


Often seen at bottom of the website page and words and back ground are the same color and running cursor over may show the text and usually selling something not relevant to the site.  Using deceptive practices with the intent of manipulating search engines is a definite Black Hat SEO practices and may cause your web site to be removed from search engines or never appear on page 1 of the search results.  Why do people spam then?  Because sometimes it works very well for a while and then you get caught and it's all over.

Keyword Phrase

The words people type on search engines to find your web site. If you had a Paint Business you may keyword "Paint Supplies".  It is typically important to have keywords place in your titles, anchor text and throughout your page's content.


META tags are used by search engines to search result pages. Making sure to use meta tags, description, keywords and title for every page on your website.

Search Engine Optimization Services

When hiring an web design company be sure to ask if they offer SEO, what they do for back links, what key phrases they suggest, and if all the pages of the sites have meta tags. You will be on your way to making an informed decision on a website for your business and you can begin to grow your business presence on the internet.

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