Professional Web Site Design – Customized To Your Personal Taste

Thu, Apr 17, 2008 at 12:15PM

Too often, a website designer has a request for a website but the client cannot explain what they want.  Conveying the type of website design you want can be difficult. Your personal style and likes verses what is perceived as a professional looking business site may be two different things. Being able to discuss choices is the best start. A website designer can guide you through the process and advise you as to how people see the different choices in style and design. 
A designer may begin with questions to narrow your likes and dislikes. They might show you a choice between a site with that option and one without. Seeing it this way will help you decide the look you want for your website.
The next choice may be whether you like bright colors or not and what color background you prefer? Do you like sites with black type for the main content text? Do you like a horizontal or vertical layout? Navigation buttons can be placed at the top or to the side or both. Do you want a simple logo or something with color and a more artistic look?   Do you have a slogan for your company? Do you want product images or stock photographs? Are there any logos for your industry, certification, or associations that you want added to the website? 
By answering these few questions, a designer may begin to see your likes and dislikes and will be well on the way to designing the website of your dreams. 

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