Partial release of Jetendo CMS is now available for download on GitHub

Tue, Jan 28, 2014 at 7:20PM

Jetendo CMS is the software that powers all my web sites and it is designed automate my web development as much as possible and allow delegation of certain tasks to others with a very consolidated / optimized core.  

Jetendo Core

There was a partial release of the Jetendo Core source code over the weekend as a free open source project (GPLv3).  It doesn't include the database yet. All of the client specific features and private info for my company's use of Jetendo has been isolated into just a few configuration files that are ignored by git.  This will make it easy for anyone to push the latest changes to GitHub every day.

Jetendo Server

I've nearly finalized the documentation of Jetendo Server.  I built a clean virtual machine image using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS minimal in the process of rewriting the documentation.  This will be a 1gb (compressed) download to let someone begin using the software in less then an hour.

I'm still working on an easy installation process for the initial setup of the database and configuration variables.  It is still a bit manual, but not too hard.

Jetendo Security Features

I built more systems to verify the integrity of Jetendo at a much higher level of security and automation then ever before through cron jobs and other scripts.  There are 3 to 4 layers of protection on all the files.  A great deal of advanced features were rewritten to allow the separation of privileges between web users and system tasks to be much improved.  A web user can do very little to the system now thanks to integration with AppArmor, the Railo sandbox, and an asynchronous message passing system I made for Jetendo.  Dozens of security features were added in the last 10 days.   I wrote a 7,000 word draft of the security features of Jetendo, which is available as part of the Jetendo documentation.

Why Choose Jetendo?

Jetendo aims to be a complete web development business in a box solving all the common problems that developers face today.  Now that it is going open source, I hope to build a community around the software by beginning to include other developers in the development process.  

Jetendo also considers the configuration of the server environment as part of its development.  I attempt to apply best practices throughout all of the software it is built on top of.  This reduces the amount of knowledge you need to build a safe server environment and it makes development easier.   Of course, you are using the software at your own risk if you install a copy of it and you should review the source code & configuration details thoroughly if you are concerned with security.

We already use Jetendo for contract work with other web development companies, and we understand how important white labeling software can be to increase customer retention.  Jetendo doesn't have any annoying branding requirements.  You are free to white label Jetendo for your customers.  We make an effort to leave any references to Jetendo out of the public HTML/JS/CSS files, even in the built-in documentation.  If you find this to be untrue, let us know, and we'll fix it.

Warning: This is an alpha quality release!

Jetendo is currently is a state where the functionality may change radically, so it should be considered alpha quality software.   It runs very stable today for my customers, but the programming API is still in flux, which could be frustrating for other developers if I break their version every few days.   It is best to wait for more API stability and documentation before starting a major project based on Jetendo.   Later, there will be a beta testing period, and then a proper major release.  We'll eventually follow popular software versioning conventions to make sure people understand whether a release is for bug fixes/security, new features or a major API rewrite.

There aren't that many open source CFML content management systems, and Jetendo does everything differently from them.  It does more by default, has faster performance, and is more secure.  


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