Our system now supports animated instant content loading via Ajax

Sat, Jun 23, 2012 at 6:10PM

All pages of my company web site except my home page now animate and load via Javascript AJAX requests.  I upgraded my content management system (CMS) to support this consistently across all the page and blog features.  Other features will be upgraded to support this soon as well.

Try navigating my blog to see how cool this is.

It uses HTML 5 pushstate to change the url without having to reload the entire page.   It falls back to # hash urls on Internet Explorer.   It still works with the back button.  And if you refresh the page, it will show the same page again.   All this sounds like "ya, that sounds normal".  Well actually none of this is easy or automatic when you load the pages like this.  

The upgrade was thoroughly tested across our supported browsers and thanks to the History.js script, this was slightly easier.  However, I had to make custom logic for supporting the back button and internet explorer correctly.

Our clients may have to pay us to have this feature since the custom designs for each one have to be upgraded manually so that they are compatible.  However, the CMS itself is already upgraded on all sites so it shouldn't cost very much to upgrade other sites.  My site was upgraded in less then an hour.  Others may be more complex.

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