Optimize Your Internal Links for Effective SEO

Thu, Apr 10, 2008 at 7:15AM

When looking at internal links, look at it like the navigation of your website. When designing your website or considering upgrading it, contact a custom web site designer and discuss internal links. Internal links direct users and search engines on your website from one page to another. This can make finding information on your website easier. You should not use too many internal links on a page, no more than 6-8. If you are adding a new page to your website, you may want to use internal links to that new page from one of your top ranked page. 
In yesterday’s blog, we discussed Google Analytics. This tool is also helpful when planning your internal links because Google Analytics tracks which site pages users are finding more important and which ones have the highest traffic. Once you determine which pages receive the most traffic, you can add more content with keywords using this page for internal linking.
In summary, you can see that internal links are another way to optimize your website. Therefore, the goal is to increase internal link percentage of the target URL. By adding internal links to your target URL, you will be sending a strong message to search engines about how important that page is to the other pages on your website. Always use the best anchor text with your keyword pointing it towards the target URL.

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