On and Off Page SEO Techniques

Wed, Apr 09, 2008 at 3:55PM

On Page optimization will provide search engines with the best view of your website for keywords, content and meta data. Having a good architectural design of your website offering title-meta-alt-H1 tags, url & site structure, internal linking, content, key word density, site maps, user friendly, key word selection is the bones for good SEO. With out this in place, all Off Page SEO will be for nothing, so this is most important to start with on page.
Off Page optimization of the website will provide search engines with keywords and content in off page direct links. It controls how you are seen when people access and search for your website. Things you can do for off page optimization are one way links, slowly grow your links on your site, link publishing write an article with link to your site, free directories list your website directing traffic to your site, online pr campaigns, keywords in links, adding good comments and discussion on blogs (do follow) and forums with signature link pointing to your website, social marketing and deep linking. Always remembering to stay in search engine guidelines and no buying or selling of links/ads or duplicate content.  If you do you may be penalized or banned from a search engines and crippling your website.
Many people choose to do link baiting with the goal to attract traffic with incoming links. They may offer a list your interested in so that you can bookmark it for future use directing them to your site. They may have information on news stories that are important to the day. They may create a tool and want to share it will you. Sometimes it’s just something funny that makes you click on it. Sometimes it’s even an article that has a great keyword phrase that you’re interested in.
Combining On and Off Page SEO may prove to be the best way to improve your SEO of your website by increasing traffic and page rank.

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