Now using for private source code version control for all projects

Thu, Feb 13, 2014 at 3:42AM

Atlassian makes some of the best software project management software and they offer options that are hosted and self-hosted.

They directly compete with on 2 products.  One is much cheaper then Github for private repositories with nearly the same features:   They only charge after you have more then 5 users making changes to the code and the pricing is only $1 per user per month after 5 users.  Github would cost $200 /month in comparison for 125 repositories, but they don't set limits on users like bitbucket does.   My work is done with just a few developers, so bitbucket is the most cost effective solution for now.

I tested tonight, and it's working great.

I add a new script to Jetendo CMS to automate creating a new repository for each site in Jetendo CMS using the bitbucket REST API.   Then I updated the git auto-commit script I had to push all of the projects to the remote origin automatically.  This makes it really fast to move all the work to bitbucket.   I have all pushed all my personal & client projects to bitbucket after just an hour.  For another developer to collaborate with me, I just have to assign them to the repository and define what level of access they have.  Since Jetendo CMS & Server was already released and documented as open source, the entire company is now setup for distributed development using best practices.

Github's free client software actually works with any git remote host, so I am still using GitHub For Windows for Github, bitbucket and local repositories.

To get start working with me, just follow these steps:

  • Setup Jetendo CMS & Server with the documentation.
  • Create a account.
  • Ask me to assign you to project.
  • Create a fork of the repository I assigned.  You won't be allowed to directly change the main repository.
  • Checkout the project to a local directory from your forked version on your account using the SSH or HTTPS URL.
  • Make changes on your local copy of the project.
  • Push the changes to your bitbucket fork.
  • On, create a pull request.
  • Wait for me to review your work and merge or comment on the changes you made.
  • Then I merge your pull request, test/integrate it further, and then I publish the work to the production server

This is called the Integration Manager Workflow, which is one of the best ways to do distributed development in smaller teams:

I look forward to partnering with other developers on custom projects, Jetendo CMS and other open source work.

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