Nginx 1.4 stable release brings SPDY protocol and more

Thu, Apr 25, 2013 at 1:50PM

The Nginx 1.3.x development version had several exclusive features not found in the previous 1.2 stable releases.  I wanted to use SPDY, and some other modules last year, and I found the development version of Nginx to be reliable for my needs.

Now that Nginx 1.4 stable is released, people who prefer to run non-beta software can upgrade to it and benefit from SPDY and other work that has been done on it in the last 2 years.

SPDY can speed up web sites that use SSL by sending data through fewer connections and it's also able to compress headers, which are usually not compressed.  The SPDY Nginx Module has a setting that must be used for this to work.  I set mine in the http section of the nginx.conf file

spdy_headers_comp 7;

Nginx spdy module:

Note that spdy module is not installed by default, so you must add it to the configure line when compiling nginx. Also, the old spdy patch on github no longer works on the 1.4 release, because the SPDY module is already part of the 1.4 source code.

Today, I upgraded our servers to Nginx 1.4.0 and had no issues.  I just compiled it and restarted nginx afterwards.

For more information on the changes in Nginx, check out the change log:

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