MySQL alternative MariaDB may become the leading database in free open source

Wed, Jan 30, 2013 at 2:20PM

Apparently, Oracle removed the automated testing code and revision history from the open source MySQL project.

People who were trying to build add-ons for MySQL and alternative versions of it are now left to do all that testing and research on their own.

MariaDB was created as a fork of the MySQL project by the person who sold MySQL to Oracle.  They now maintain a duplicate version of the MySQL source, but add on to it, and make it "more free".  It is typically only a month or two behind MySQL's version and plans on including many of the paid MySQL enterprise features for free.  MariaDB's web site provides easy to use installation files for all the popular linux operating systems.

MariaDB also publishes their client libraries as LGPL, which is less restrictive then MySQL.  Client libraries are useful when integrating the database directly with compiled software written in languages like C or Java.

It seems like over the course of many years, MySQL could slowly loose support, just like everyone who was using OpenOffice switched to LibreOffice.   This actually caused Oracle to "give up" on openoffice and give it to Apache making it "more free" again.

Perhaps after a few more years of people abandoning MySQL, they will "give up" on MySQL as well.   But for the moment, Oracle wants to be the primary innovator to MySQL code.

Fedora linux is even talking about switching from MySQL default to MariaDB within a year:

Wikipedia announced they are switching from MySQL to mariadb because it's not only more free, but its a bit faster - especially if you adopt the exclusive features.

It seems that with open source projects, that even when you sell them off, you are still free to continue your work and compete against the new owner.

It seems that it could be a good idea to migrate to the MariaDB soon.  I know I'm going to look into doing it soon.

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