My first open source project is born: db-dot-cfc

Sat, May 11, 2013 at 2:00AM

I have finally published some of my work online as a free open source project. 

This first project is called db-dot-cfc and it can be found on right now.

I also spent a few days building an excellent documentation system and writing documentation for db-dot-cfc.

What is db-dot-cfc?

The gist is that db-dot-cfc enhances cfquery by analyzing SQL to enforce security & framework conventions.  It's written with CFML for Railo 4+ and Coldfusion 10+.  It provides an alternative way to write queries and provides a number of features that are well integrated with Jetendo CMS.  However db-dot-cfc functions by itself and doesn't require my other work for it to be useful.

To learn more, click on the documentation page above.

Standalone components are being released first

I've been working hard towards a more open web development philosophy and I eventually want to release the majority of my work as open source.  However, I want to ensure the quality is high.  Instead of waiting until my entire application was polished and documented, I decided to produce smaller standalone features that can be useful to people using other frameworks or applications.  As I finish various parts of it, they will become available as part of the Jetendo repository on   Jetendo CMS integrates with all these standalone features and extends them with more functionality.   I'm hoping that people will notice a few of the smaller components I've done and eventually want to explore the larger project when it becomes available.

Standalone features are going to be "more free"

Jetendo CMS will be licensed as GPLv3+ with special exceptions for plug-ins and themes, but with the standalone projects, I wanted to be more generous.  I will assign the MIT License to these other projects.  The MIT License allows the source code to be modified and included in free or commercially distributed projects without having to be open source.  This makes the MIT license "more free" then the GPL license because the GPL places restrictions on how the code can be distributed among other details.  This should encourage people to use the standalone project a bit more since there is no legal reason not to.

Extra work refactoring and packaging for others

It is actually quite difficult to separate a piece of code from an existing application.  A lot of the application is very tightly integrated, so I had to spend several hours rewriting things to be disconnected when preparing db-dot-cfc to be released as a standalone component.  db-dot-cfc provides a number of options that allow you to extend and change it's behavior, so that it can function in many different environments.  Jetendo CMS is only using db-dot-cfc in a few places at the moment, but eventually, it will be used everywhere.  Hopefully, some of the other features I have won't require so much rewriting to be isolated.

More to come

Since I'm new to open source, I don't know what to expect.  Over time as more projects are released in various languages, perhaps more people will find my work useful and feel like contributing feedback or changes to the code.   I hope someone out there finds db-dot-cfc and enjoys it!

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