Mobile friendly web site conversion for existing clients

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Sun, Apr 19, 2015 at 1:25PM

The core software used to power all my real estate and other web sites was upgraded to work with smaller mobile phone and tablet screen sizes recently.

Because our client web sites all have a unique design for the theme of the web site, it takes some extra labor to bring mobile friendly to these web sites.

I am now offering mobile friendly conversion that is compatible with Google's new mobile friendly test:

Mobile/table phone usage has grown from a narrow segment of users back in 2009 to more then 60% of the traffic for many web sites in 2015.

Google began warning webmasters in January that they are going to further raise or lower the rankings of web sites now based on how mobile friendly they are according to their recommendations.   SEO companies have dubbed this announcement "Mobilegeddon", which is probably a bit more extreme-sounding then reality, but most people are willing and anxious to make changes that are known to help, and mobile-friendliness is definitely one aspect of improving your position.
You can find countless articles about this on Google: Search for articles on google about mobilegeddon

We care about staying up to date, but sometimes it's hard to go back and help all the existing clients.   All my new web site projects in the last year have included a mobile version, and it's something that we always do now.  We don't want you to have to go somewhere else to go mobile-friendly.  You can now get upgraded with us.

If you'd like to have your site converted,
I'm charging a one time fee of $200.  

Clients with multiple web sites that are very similar may be upgraded at a discount.

What are you going to receive for the upgrade?

1: A simplified version of the web site will be made.

2: The layout will automatically adjust to fit the full width of a tablet or phone between 320 and 768 pixels width.   This means tablets in portrait mode will show mobile layout, and all mobile phones will show the mobile layout.

Note: For the most part, our web sites already work fine on tablets in landscape mode, and can show the full desktop version at that size.   Your web site wasn't "broken" on mobile phones.  It would just show everything smaller, and require zooming to use.  We had already done the work to make sure tablets and phones worked years ago, but we didn't try to adjust the layout to fit those screen sizes before now.

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