Many server software upgrades were performed tonight.

Wed, Mar 13, 2013 at 3:04AM

Centos Linux 6.4 (I previously ran 6.3) just came out yesterday.  I updated the test and live server to it tonight.   The Redhat version was in beta for 4 months before its final release so it should be fairly reliable.

There were 350 Linux packages (libraries and applications) that were auto-updated with this release on my system.  This amount of change is something that only happens a couple times a year.   Our web sites didn't seem to have any problems when I tested the basic features and the server has been rebooted a couple times and still works ok.

MariaDB was also updated (The MySQL replacement we recently adopted).

Virtualbox was updated in the host and guest.  This involves recompilation of drivers and guest addition installation to keep it running at peak performance.  We need to run MarketLinx RETS Connector in windows, so I have that on a virtual machine.

As always, I enjoy running up to date software.  New software generally improves security, increases performance and adds new features.  While not every upgrade is flawless, it seems like Centos upgrades have been reliable for us on the last two point releases and all the patch releases.

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