Link Building Opportunities

Mon, Mar 24, 2008 at 5:40PM

  • Social News Sites: These sites can produce hundreds or thousands of links. Consider when examining this strategy producing content that appeals to that audience and be sure links are relevant to your business.
  • Online Media Sites:  Write an article that they would be interested in publishing something new not old topics.
  • Widgets:  Use widgets as a syndication strategy. Embed valuable content others will want on their web sites. Use a market outreach program to tell people about your widget.
  • Public Relations: Find a PR firm that does good work for couple thousand dollars a month.  You know your business and they know PR focus on leveraging both strengths together.
  • University Sites:  University sites will give a good endorsement for your web site provided that there is a reason for them to link to it.  For example a career center would be interested.
  • Government Sites:  If you have a match in terms of content to the government site figure out who to contact but review linking policy for the site first.
  • Blogs:  Focus on influential blog sites you will get far more mileage.

These are methods when looking for high value links.  Choose the most influential bloggers and develop a relationship with them.  The same goes with online media, find the major media which covers your space on the web and determine how to link. Look for universities and colleges that offer education related to your site.  High value links are better than more links. When you get cited by leaders in your space, others notice. Work hard, but if you fail do so quickly and move on to the next strategy.  With hard work you will see your link building strategies increase your traffic.

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