Keyword Research Shows That Competitive Keywords Are Profitable Keywords

Tue, Apr 15, 2008 at 9:25AM

While competitive keywords may give stable traffic, it can take a year or more to rank well due to competition. It is an always-changing strategy to maintain position. Finding the right competitive phrase is a challenge. To achieve the top 10 in search engine placement would be the fruits of your labor. 

The relevance of keywords should consolidate your theme. Competitive ranking requires modifiers with main keywords on pages with links that you have added slowly from many sources. Link persity and authority show stability. 

Links become more powerful with age and will rank on there own. When creating content consider future value and connect internal and external links. The more pages you add the more links you need to remain competitive. Finding the right link velocity to keep rankings in top 10 is the goal. You may require 3-5 links per month or 20-40 per month depending on the competition, age of page, and information on the page.

With search engines tracking who goes to a site and how long visitors are on the site, in essence link popularity and use are important components for top 10 placements. By ranking higher, you will get traffic and this is why finding the right keywords is important. You should targeting keywords that fit with the page and your business. With competitive keywords, you want to have the your most powerful link profile. Improved conversions with targeted keywords will attract the visitors that will make your website show sales and profits. 

Keyword research helps because you identify relevant, targeted and less competitive keywords. With the correct combination, it will make time ranking faster and increase visitors and conversion rates. If each page of your site has inpidual keywords, it will attract different visitors. Finding the niche keywords for your pages will also increase conversion rates as well.

To summarize, it is most important to choose the best keywords that visitors will use to access your website. So choosing the right keywords to optimize each page is important. 

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