Jetendo CMS now supports login via Google, Yahoo and other OpenID providers

Sun, Feb 24, 2013 at 8:15PM

Have you ever been to a web site where you could login with your Google, Yahoo or another account?
This is done through a number of standards, but one of the most popular is OpenID. I just implemented OpenID 2.0 support into the Jetendo CMS user system.

At the moment, you still need to create a member account in the system, but then you can edit it. On the Advanced Options, there is now a section call "Sign In With".

Site Manager Edit Member Form Screenshot:

Jetendo CMS OpenID Integration

Once you connect your external account to your Jetendo CMS member profile, you can login to the Site Manager with your OpenID account OR your regular Jetendo CMS password.

New Site Manager login page screenshot

OpenID Login Page for Jetendo CMS

Jetendo CMS Support High Security OpenID Providers

In addition to that, you can enter in URLs for other OpenID providers. There are some really excellent alternatives out there to using a Google account. For example,, offers a free certificate that can be used for signing email and OpenID authentication. Once configured, you can put the certificate on a smart card device and then you have a huge boost in security since now the attacker would need to have your smart card in order to gain access.

Google Accounts with 2-step authentication are more secure

Also consider that you can use 2-step authentication with your google account to achieve a similar level of security. Google's service can be configured to send you a one-time pin code with a voice call or an SMS text message (standard carrier charges apply, of course). Read more about google 2 step authentication here:

Symantec VIP - Excellent free OpenID provider for added security from a trusted brand

Symantec (who acquired Verisign) also offer a Personal Identify Portal service here which offers multi-factor authentication as well:

Convenience Features Included With This Update

If you use a custom OpenID provider with Jetendo CMS, the login page is setup to store a permanent cookie with the openid url that you enter in. So in future logins, it will take only 1 click to login if you've already authenticated with the external provider. Very convenient!

In addition to all this, as a developer, you have access to the Jetendo CMS Server Manager which allows you to create a global account which can login to all of the sites hosted on that Jetendo CMS installation. I've also created special code that allows a global URL to be accessed instead of the site URL when you login with OpenID. This means when you login to different sites throughout the day, they will be able to share the same login thanks to the global account. Usually, this wouldn't be possible because Google and others generate a unique ID for each domain you authenticate with. This is a great convenience feature that is only possible due of the great multi-tenant functionality provided by Jetendo CMS.

There is also an option to make OpenID authentication required.  This will disable the normal email + password login and force the OpenID login as the only accepted authentication.

We may support other authentication options down the road as well such as Facebook Connect, adding security questions, Google Authenticator and more.

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