Jetendo CMS mailing list confirmed opt-in auto-responder features improved

Sun, Mar 17, 2013 at 6:35PM

I rewrote the email auto-responder that happens after submitting a lead so it doesn't require a user account to be created. Old system relied on sending passwords in plain text for automatically created accounts so they had more features. The added security of making password one way encrypted made this old system a security problem, so I disabled the feature until now.

Now people can upgrade to a full account later independent of their mailing list status in the system.

If someone joins the newsletter or registers a new account, they will receive an email like the screenshot below.

Email Autoresponder

The auto-responder header, footer and body text can be customized for each site in the Jetendo CMS Site Manager under content manager -> site options and it supports HTML and plain text customizations. People with a full user account have the ability to edit their user account info as well. The links in the email are secured with a randomized value hashed with sha-256, so that people can't just rewrite the URL to see other user's account. The hash doesn't have to give the user complete access, it can be used to make it easier to personalize the site.

If an existing user submits a lead, the system recognizes the existing user account and won't resend another auto-responder.

If the user doesn't click Yes or No in the email, the system will email the user 2 more times with a 2 day interval between mailings. After that, the system will not send another confirmation email unless the user signs on the web site again for a mailing list feature.

The system also removes the extra mailing list data when a new account is created for an existing email address so that the database won't have duplicates and this helps keep user data up to date.

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