Jetendo CMS is now self-healing for many site configuration issues

Sat, Jun 22, 2013 at 8:50PM

Automation is the holy grail of software development.  Today, Jetendo CMS just got a little bit more automation power.

Server configuration automation with Jetendo CMS

Jetendo CMS's server manager replaces the need for other control panel software when setting up new sites based on Jetendo CMS.  With today's upgrade, it now makes sure these web sites keep running correctly over time through monitoring and self-healing. 

When you create a site with browser based Jetendo CMS server manager, it create a fully working unique web site with ftp access with a minimal amount of data entry.  It runs all the Linux commands for you, and keeps things compatible/secure and also automates numerous configuration steps within Jetendo CMS based on common default settings.

If developers make a mistake or modify the system from outside of Jetendo CMS, this script will force their changes to go back to the correct settings that are enforced by Jetendo CMS.  

The configuration of sites is fairly complex involving creation of files, directories, settings file system permissions, creating linux username and password that allow ftp access, so if something goes wrong, this new self-healing system will help you get things back on track.

Web site monitoring with Jetendo CMS

This monitoring & self healing script can be scheduled at any interval you like.  It will run tests across all the individual domains added within the Jetendo CMS installation.

The monitoring script downloads the home page of each site via a normal HTTP request in addition to the other forms of monitoring and configuration analysis.

It also detects extra unnecessary files and user accounts to help you keep your system clean of any inactive sites.

DNS configuration monitoring

Occasionally, a client forgets to renew their domain or their billing information is out of date and the web site goes down.   Other times, someone configures the DNS incorrectly or a domain is forgotten after a server migration.  These kinds of mistakes can go on for several days until someone notices the web site is down or not working correctly.

Every web site in Jetendo CMS is associated with an IP address that is bound to the server.  This allows us to determine if the DNS return by a remote server matches the IP address we assigned to the web site domain.

Now with built-in DNS monitoring for each domain running on Jetendo CMS, you'll be aware of DNS issues right away.  

SSL Certification Verification

The system now checks to see if SSL Certificates will be expiring in the next 7 days and sends an email alert to the webmaster.  It also correct filesystem permissions on these files to ensure other users on the system can't read them. 

Email alerts

Any issues that are detected are sent by email to the system administrator each time the script runs until they are corrected.

Many changes can be made automatically, so the email alerts are usually just to let you know what happened.  However things like DNS configuration, or scripting errors will need to be reviewed and fixed.

You can also manually run the verify sites task from the Jetendo CMS Server Manager dashboard.


All our existing clients are now being monitored in more details.  In the future, we'll make a public open source release of Jetendo CMS so other people can enjoy the unique built-in web business automation features.

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