Is Google Public DNS actually better then your ISP?

Sat, Jun 29, 2013 at 2:40PM

For a long while now, I've been using Google Public DNS, but lately, I have been getting slow DNS performance and more issues with sites loading.  I was curious on if it was actually better then my Road Runner (Tampa Bright House) DNS server.

I found this easy to use tool for measuring dns server:

My ISP dns servers are and, which is probably true for all Bright House customers in Central Florida.  I had to add them to the benchmark tool's list.  The results after a minute of testing were that my ISP's DNS is faster then google public dns, but only slightly.  However, I'm also seeing that it's working better with my automated DNS queries.

I also run a local copy of ISC Bind for Windows, and it is configured to only use my ISP's DNS if it didn't have a record cached locally.  This makes my DNS lookups even faster and also helps me setup fake domains for development using easy wildcard dns record for "*", which points to my virtualbox virtual machine.   My browsing performance is much better after fixing these DNS issues.   I also switched my production server to use the hosting companies DNS servers instead of google public dns since that is probably faster as well.  It seems google public dns either is throttling too much or has become overused / slower then it was.

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