Image cropping improved for all our web sites

Sat, Jun 23, 2012 at 6:35PM

Many of the images that come from other systems were simply displayed "AS IS" in the past.  This means even though it was a small box on the site, it may have been an image that was up to 3 times larger.   This caused pages with MLS listings to take longer to load and waste bandwidth.

Additionally, many of the images have white margins which causes the page to look somewhat ugly especially if the background is not the same color.  My custom script is able to detect these margins and remove them.   So the images are not only resized, but they are cropped to fit the space needed for the page now.

Someone using a mobile device or wireless Internet would notice a nice improvement in load times that would be up to 3 times faster.   Also people browsing in a foreign country would see a bigger improvement since a roundtrip request to europe may be up to 10 times slower then a request within the state of Florida because our server is in Florida currently.

The system automatically detemines if images have changed and it will re-run the crop & resize script if they have changed.  It is able to generate an infinite number of sizes without any conflicts.

Here is an example of the image cropping that my system does:

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