How to quickly become the top ranking realtor on Google

Tue, May 20, 2008 at 6:46PM

Realtors used to be able to just put a web site online and start getting leads.  Soon after all the national sites popped up and outranked them.   Realtors learned that building reciprocal links was an easy way to stay at the top. Whether they did it themselves or hired an SEO company to do it, it worked.  However, many realtors are now heavily educated about online marketing and are fiercely competing for that top position.  At the same time, Google has removed much of the value of the reciprocal links and other old tricks.  Many realtors today are completely stuck with their web site and don't have a clear way to grow their business online or offline during this difficult Buyer's Market in many parts of the United States. 

We've invested heavily into research and development to come up with the best approaches to online marketing that are effective in 2008.  Your previous SEO companies may have been optimizing your site for 2004 or earlier.  Make a step towards the future by reading this article and consider working with us.  We provide free estimates and have some of the best pricing in the industry.

This article and the rest of our SEO blog is designed to provide you with the most up to date information to help you optimize your web site on your own.

Stop what you're doing and post new content now - in the right places

It is extremely important you add your content and links to these 3 sites in particular.

Wikipedia is probably very near impossible to write for as a real estate agent because the rules are strict.  It is required to be cited with references and not self-promotional garbage. Here is an example of an entry for a person,  Wikipedia blocks pagerank on their site's links now, so this won't help increase pagerank, but it might help rankings.  it will definitely increase your yahoo/msn rankings in the short term.  Even deep pages on Wikipedia have tremendous pagerank.  That Bill France page has PR5 which is insane.  The advantage of Wikipedia is that it can rank your new content high on search engines quickly.  You may be able to pre-sell people on Wikipedia by teaching them great information.  You will receive all the referral traffic from the page you wrote there.  Caution should be taken as anyone can edit your content on Wikipedia.  You don't want the Wikipedia article work against you.

I ran a report on the top competitors for multiple competitive real estate keywords and 40% of them have links from those sites.  There are other sites they had in common, but the above sites are quick and easy to setup yourself.  Buying links or getting reciprocal links from the other local sites who are ranking well is a good link strategy, but you have to persuade the other person or company to link to you via email or phone.

Common directory submissions & community sites among top ranked agents

Additionally, 80% of people ranking well on Google have bought a yahoo directory listing.  It seems to be an important factor, at least in yahoo rankings.  It is not very easy to know if yahoo directory helps Google rankings.  Considering that Google is on war path against purchased links, I would expect it to have less value than before.

40% of small businesses have a listing as well.   Most of the time dmoz editors ignore submissions especially for business submissions.  They must have very high quality standards or not enough volunteers to handle the number of requests that are sent to them.  You can try again once every 6 to 12 months.  People claim a dmoz listing doesn't have the value it used to have as well.  It definitely wouldn't hurt.  It might be easier if you submit a local listing.

Submit your business to google local and yahoo local and don't forget to verify your business via phone or the postcard they send you.

These 2 web sites are starting to play a huge role in real estate online marketing.  Creating a unique profile on these sites that links back to your web site would definitely be helpful.  Make sure you target the region you want to focus on. &

Discussing topics on this real estate forum and linking back to yourself in the signature with good link text like "Orlando Real Estate" is helpful.

Also, don't forget to post your top listings on sites like, and  You can link back to your site with each listing to further boost your pagerank.

The social media marketing article I wrote details the rest of the sites you should add content to.  It also goes into more detail on other aspects of the subject.
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Your competitors have a lot of the same links

When I ran a report on Yahoo backlinks, I found that 20% of the links were shared between some of the top ranking sites on Google.   This is very exciting news since many of the links your competitors have made can be made by you too with some time and perhaps some money.  Using the special search engine operators helps you understand who is linking to your competitors.   Operators like "link:","linkdomain:" and "site:" are some of the most helpful for SEO.  There are many other operators the search engines provide to all their users.   Here is a list of google operators    Note that linkdomain: is a special operator for viewing a domain's backlinks on yahoo and works the same as link: on and  Keep in mind that Google intentional hides 90% of the backlinks for sites when you use the link: operator.  The only way to see all the external links is if you own the domain and create a google webmaster tools account in order to view/download the external links.

Submitting great content to established web sites equals fast Google rankings

Submit unique and well written articles to   - I've verified multiple times that this is definitely working well on new domains to increase their Google rankings.   I've seen sites come from #20 or worse to position #4 on Google in just a few months of article submissions.  It works. Do it now.   While the above site is one of the best to submit to, there are countless others.  Just try search for "article submission sites" on Google to find others.  Make sure they have a lot of pagerank on their content pages and aren't blocking the links with a "nofollow" attribute in the source code. 

Submit press releases using's paid service. The paid service ensures your press release is distributed to more sites at once to help increase your traffic.

It helps to write comments on other people's blogs & forums.  Many of these sites aren't supposed to give you pagerank because they have "nofollow" attributes on their links, but they may impact your rankings anyway.  We've seen yahoo and msn still treating them as great links still.  Putting great content out there on other web sites in order to get high quality one way links is a key strategy in the current approach to better search engine rankings. Additionally, content can be submitted,  social bookmarked, blogged about, converted to video speeches to numerous other sites.  Don't focus on one thing too much.  Spread your campaign to as many different areas as possible so when things change, your rankings remain steady.  

Video is very important for traffic and internet video is going to be 4 times bigger industry in the next few years.  More than 55% of video watched will be made by regular people using cheap cameras. The average person already watches 5 minutes of video every day online.  Don't forget to have your URL in the video at bottom or at the end and speak it too.   you have to write a good title and description so that it gets indexed correctly for the right keywords, etc.

Popularity is tied to high-quality writing

Writing great content is always the most difficult task because it takes a lot of time and money to do it well.  Submissions and account setup tasks can be done very quickly and affordably, but writing content is expensive to do well.   You need to write articles that people will be excited to sink their teeth into and respond to.  Writing up general info is a waste of time that anyone can do for you.  You need to write the creative message that stands out from the crowd. People write about extreme ideas and controversial topics constantly.  These topics get way more traffic than regular business keyword like real estate.  They have done studies that the same 4 or 5 topics are always on the home page of   It is a strong strategy to write content that you know people love talking about.

Expand your writing approach in order to focus on getting traffic & links.

It might be worth writing about completely irrelevant topics just to become page 1 of and other social bookmarking web sites.  Imagine what could happen with a ton of visitors instantly visiting your web site.  Read the headlines on to see how wildly all-over-the-place the topics are.   Who cares about selling a home, the real question is "Space Euphoria: Do our brains change when we leave Earth?".  That was #5 on home page right now. 

Writing about topics that are loosely related to your commercial interests will help tap into what is the most popular in the mainstream Internet audience.  Links you gain from these articles will still feed your core business keywords as long as you have properly design your web site with a good link structure.

Try getting more into your personal interests or some of the more radical ideas floating around about the mainstream news topics.  Things that tie to economy / politics may relate to real estate very easily.  The more creative and unexpected your headline is, the better change you will have a new reader. 

Think of all the lifestyle issues there are.  If your ideal buyer would be buying your $3 million dollar oceanfront luxury home, why not write about the things that this kind of buyer would be reading about on the Internet.  What are the rich people that move into your area really interested in?  If you captivate their interest enough to read your article, they may start thinking about real estate and browse the rest of your web site.  If you've built up your web site content in a way that captures them effectively, your web site will have done all the hard work of selling yourself.

Sometimes your version of the same mainstream news story will become more popular if you do it different or better somehow.  You might only need a few of these to do really well.  The other link campaigns and programming we do will make sure you still rank for real estate keywords.   Once you have a popular article, you are supposed to link to them from all the other pages of the site so the article receives the majority of pagerank so it continues ranking well.  This can be done automatically.

Social Bookmarking - The Internet is more democratic than any country!

Social bookmarking has lead to a much more dynamic and diverse amount of content being read by Internet users.  Many sites have become hugely popular for bookmarking and even give the vote special names.  "digg it" is what you click on when voting for a posted URL on  It looks like somewhere between 400 and 800 diggs can get you on page 1 of today.  With that rankings, your story will rank on search engines instantly and receive huge amounts of traffic.  All this may only last a few days if you didn't write something that was good "link bait". is not the only social bookmarking site. Social bookmarking to and others with just a few self-made votes boosted one of our clients up 6 positions to to #4 on google for the best keyword in just 3 days.  This will fade away after a few days or weeks, but even a small number of votes is enough to rank well for many subjects. 

There is a lot of grunt work to get you started, but submissions and votes are required in order to take advantage of this whole new online marketing strategy. can submit your URL to 30+ sites at once. but you have to create each account individually first.   This helps save you a lot of time on this very important step in your online marketing campaign.

We are the kings of on-site Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

We've designed our web sites to have the best SEO in their industry.  No one is close to our approach with on-site SEO.  While link campaigns take a long time, many of our clients receive great results just by redesigning their site to take advantage of our technology that is built with SEO in mind.

We are busy working on great systems for our sites continuously.  Name a buzz word and we're excited and working with it.   We build systems for email hosting and safelisted email campaigns to improve delivery rates.  We're building an mls system that has shows a dynamic directory of the entire MLS with links that let you refine the listings down to just one result.  We're AJAX instant search result to display the number of matched listings.  Adding full-text site search, Adding social bookmarking links  (i.e. del.ic.ious and others)  This lets people vote for your content.  A few votes can be the first step in receiving thousands of visitors instantly without the need for Google rankings.   We're building an advanced randomized copywriting system with great grammar.  Auto-synchronizing listings with,, etc.  We're making content management system improvements to allow better layouts & creating better ways for users to find relevant listings.  We're adding an automatic tag cloud system to the sites. A tag cloud creates an automatic directory of all the major content topics on the site that is great for SEO.  Adding a related article suggestion box.   Faster performance for searches and page display. RSS feeds that ping all major blog search engines and directories.   Integrated Google map search & more! We're dedicated to providing our clients superior technology for less

Act quickly before the market is flooded

Despite the fact millions of people use these social networking sites each day, there are still relatively few businesses approaching them from an SEO/online marketing perspective.  It is supposed to be easy to get results with the techniques I described right now.   We have had good results even with poor quality submissions.  With so many facets to consider in your online marketing, why not work with the experts?   We at Far Beyond Code, Inc have been working with realtors for years providing top rankings and excellent service to every client.

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