How Does Anchor Text Affect SEO Efforts

Wed, Mar 26, 2008 at 6:50AM

Anchor text is important for Search Engine Optimizing (SEO). Anchor text refers to text used to hyper link leading to a different page on the web when clicked. This anchor text is useful for search engines to follow and users. It can be used to find more information of relevance. Anchor text is also known as link text in SEO. It is underlined and blue in color.


Using keywords will give importance to the link. For example instead of using key words “more info” use “ green alternatives” if you were working with a Eco Friendly Web Site. This also helps search engines know the theme of your site and will help your site page rank higher for those keywords or phrases. This is true for both internal links from your website to web pages and from external links to the web pages from different websites/web pages.


Effecting anchor text from incoming links can be challenging because you never have direct control over what other websites say about you. Changing internal links however, can easily be done.  Webmasters sometimes communicate with other linking sites and ask them to link with appropriate anchor texts.


Internal Linking helps the website pages to be interlinked together, which provide ease of navigating for the user, and helps search engines properly index the website. Internal links found in the content body build internal link structure of a website. Long tail keywords used as anchor text to deep pages helps improve rankings for Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). Proper internal linking helps search engine spiders index deep pages. This helps draw traffic into website inner pages more effectively.


Proper website navigation and footers also improve internal linking of a website. A consistent website design is like having a homepage from every page of the site. Proper anchor text should also be used with linking inner pages of a site together because this also affects SEO of a website and SERP ranking.

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