Has Your Business Dropped? Now is the time to focus on affordable online marketing

Fri, Apr 11, 2008 at 9:15AM

In today’s business world, everyone even small businesses need a website. It is easy to see the value of having a website. Some business owners may think that they only need an informational site about there business. One that offers directions and lists their services. Others entrepreneurs realize that a dynamic website can offer so much more. The internet opens up the possibilities of marketing to other far away communities that may want your product or services. It is like having another store or business location, and this one may be your most profitable. With a merchant account and an e commerce business website, you will be able to sell your products or services over the internet easily and efficiently.
Once the website is created, it is time to implement SEO. This should include targeted keywords, creative and informative content, and internal and external links.  Good SEO will help to increase your site traffic and your website’s page ranking. Remember getting you customer to your website is just as important as converting them into a buyer of your products or services. In addition, remember to strive for repeat business and customer loyalty by possibly sending out an opt in email newsletter.
Since people are at different levels of knowledge when it comes to accessing and using the internet, be sure to make your website as user friendly as possible. Usability means having site content that is easy to read, navigation that is convenient, and order forms and tools that are made for efficiency. Internet users typically want to get things done as quickly as possible. It is also suggested that you keep important items at the top of your website pages, use larger styles and contrasting colors so buttons and links can easily be seen, and use understandable text. If the website is too complicated to use, the user will simply leave the website and choose one of your competitors. 
Accessibility is also important. This mean being able to connect your website to any computer, pda, mobile phone or even a specialized screen for someone who is disabled. Someone having a website designed would expect there website would be able to be browsed by all users and coded correctly for maximum accessibility. This will provide access to all users, which is the goal.
With a quality website, your business is sure to grow. Remember, your new website design should focus on usability, accessibility, and good SEO practices to draw in the traffic and convert your site’s visitors to sales.

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