Far Beyond Code Managed Hosting Services

We use the latest software, hardware and best practices to deliver a state-of-the-art hosting platform, but managed hosting is about more then that.  When you choose us for hosting your application, it becomes our responsibility to truely manage it in every meaningful way on your behalf.  We give your online business the same attention as we would our own.  This means no shortcuts and gimmicks.  We provide quality services, honest recommendations and the lowest price possible.

Customer Service is the #1 benefit of our Managed Hosting

You always have someone to call / email who will be ready to fix problems with the software or hardware.   We are proactively monitoring the server and upgrading it and we probably know something is wrong long before our customers do.  We take downtime and software errors very seriously and work hard to have the highest uptime possible.   Periodically, we do take down the service to perform maintenance, but we try to do this at non-peak hours as much as possible.

When your need grow, we already know about it and we'll actively make recommendations so that you are only spending what you need, but you spend enough that it meets all expectation related to security, performance and reliability.

We choose to operate our business in an open and transparent way.  Below we have provided a complete list of the services we use as part of our hosting platform.  Feel free to browse, and learn more about our hosting platform.   If you want to host one of our application with us, or to get a quote on a new web site project, please contact us. 

Hivelocity Hosting

Our server(s) are located at Hivelocity Hosting in Tampa, FL. They provide physical security for the servers, high quality bandwidth, and hardware maintenance to us. We securely manage the server remotely and maintain the software on it. Hivelocity has a 4500 gallon diesel generator that is able to supply up to a week of power should they lose power. They have id badges, limited access to server rooms, and 24/7 camera surveillance. They always have someone at the database 24/7/365 to answer support requests and to service new customers. They offer some of the most accurate customer service responses and reliable service we have experienced. We've dealt with many of the major hosting providers in the USA throughout in the past and we recommend Hivelocity unless there are special requirements to host the server somewhere else, such as in Europe or on the west coast.


Hivelocity has multiple high-end bandwidth providers which ensure fast service throughout the world. They work hard to keep the network running at all times, and we've yet to experience a major outage caused by Hivelocity.

CPU (Processor)

When choosing a server, we prioritize performance as the first consideration. Our current workload benefits from having the fastest CPU clock-speed to finish page request more quickly. So we choose a CPU that has fewer, faster cores.  Currently, this is the Intel Xeon Quad Core E3 series, next year, it will be something else.  We try to keep up to date with hardware and migrate servers every 2 or 3 hardware generations so our servers are usually only 1 to 2 years old.


The database benefits from the reduced latency offered by Solid State Drive (SSD) technology. These drives have no moving parts, have improved reliability and use less power. They can often be 10 times faster then traditional mechanical hard drives, but with this also comes a high cost per gigabyte. We mix SSD with HDD drives to have a balance between fast storage for the database and a large amount of space for files.


Web servers benefit from having a very large amount of main memory (RAM). Our current server has 16gb and we may upgrade to 32gb soon. This allows nearly all frequently accessed information to be served from memory, which can be up to 1000 times faster then the SSD/HDD drives.


We use Jungledisk.com secure online backup to create copies of the web site data each day. We also manage other copies of the code and database both on the server and on our development machines. We are generally able to recover data up to 30 days into the past – sometimes longer.  We also keep a permanent record of email communications and resources related to your web site so that we have the data necessary service customers even years later. Backups are very important as hard drives do fail periodically, and sometimes mistakes are made.  Planning for disaster is part of operating an online business.


We use the alertra.com monitoring service. It calls us with an automated voice message when the server goes down. Their service monitors the server from many locations around the world 24/7. Many hosting companies provide monitoring, but then they still send you emails, instead of proactively trying to help. We choose to have this automated call system in place so that we could take more immediate action.

Email Delivery

There is nothing worse then missing an email from a new customer due to spam filtering. That is why we pay for sendgrid.com email delivery service.  This improves the chances email will be delivered to the inbox when sent from our servers.  You can also pay for higher levels of service with sendgrid.com if your business is heavily centered around sending opt-in email.  Contact us for more information.

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) Protection

A denial of service attack attempts to flood the server with more traffic then it can handle. There are several forms of protection in place to stop or mitigate several kinds of denial of service attacks. We pay for the option to add a special (and expensive) Cisco protection device in front of our server in the event our web sites suffer an attack. Denial of service attacks can sometimes last for days which could seriously disrupt any business.

Managed Hosting Pricing

Managed hosting on our company's dedicated server(s) starts at $10 per month. Only our customers are hosted on our servers.

Exclusive dedicated managed hosting for just your business starts as low $250 per month.

Ask For A Custom Quote

Contact us to discuss your unique business requirements, and we'll provide a solution that fits your needs.