Effective Website Development For Increasing SERP Ranking

Tue, Apr 08, 2008 at 10:35AM

There is a lot that goes into an effective website that will rank well in search engine results pages (SERPS). Basically there are three things that can affect how search engines come to your website.

Without good content on your website, people searching will find very little, and move onto another site or not even find your site. When adding content, do not forget to add the keywords in the text using keyword density. The more you add to content the more relevant the search engines finds your website. .

Link building is considered by some the second most effective step in search engine optimization (SEO) and adds value to the content by search engines. This being said, if your site is popular, many people will want to link to your site. Search engines track strength of the link by measuring page strength, external links on page, anchor text used in link, no follow tag, and length of time the link been on your website. Search engines give more strength to a link as time goes on. This strength can be tracked by page rank and is updated every few months with search engines. Remember never to buy or sell links as this is frowned on by search engines and will get you penalized.

For all you efforts above, without a well-designed website you will not see any result from search engines. Avoid having a dynamic url as well as constantly changing you website structure. Often renaming a page can kill a site in search engine rankings. A page rank takes time to develop. When you do implement new structure, create a google sitemap and register it with Google to let them know what to index. Next in regards to coding in HTML with cascading style sheets (CSS), you can pull out the styles and place them in an external file. This makes all design changes easier and in one place.

Successful positioning higher on search engines can lead to more traffic for your website.

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