Disqus.com comments now integrated with our Jetendo content management system

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Tue, Feb 05, 2013 at 11:50AM

After seeing several bloggers using disqus.com for their blog comments, I got interested in using it myself.   Now it is fully integrated with our blog and landing page features.  Each client just needs to create an account on disqus.com and to send me their Disqus shortname.  Our landing pages previously didn't have a comments feature.  Disqus makes it easier to add comments to more of our web site then previously possible.

Disqus currently says they are "Elevating the discussion, anywhere on the web." on their home page. I'd have to agree.

They support authentication via your existing accounts at Twitter, Facebook or Google to sign in to the comments on my blog now.   Users that sign in can be given automatic approval, whereas guest users can have more restrictions.  There is quite a lot of nice moderation features to make comments abuse less of a problem.

There is a cool feature that pulls in your content and other people's content and gives you a way to earn money on click-throughs.  I have enabled this feature, but it seems to take some time to start to appear.

The disqus comments are also indexed by Google now.

I use SSL on some of my web sites (including this one) and fortunately Disqus has the ability to allow their widget to be embedded using SSL.

Read more about Disqus on their web site.

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