DMARC Policy change at big ISPs wreaking havoc on existing email systems

Thu, May 01, 2014 at 10:50AM

Yahoo, AOL, Microsoft, Google, and perhaps others have recently decided to start blocking email sent from their domain that was sent from a different mail server.

Many website email systems send mail on behalf of the user to notify their customers when new information comes, ask them to join a mailing list, or other kinds of communications.   The ISPs are expecting us to immediately start sending mail from a properly configured / trusted domain instead of your AOL/Yahoo/Microsoft/Google account now or ask for your account password.   Even in the past, this was a good practice, but now it is required.  Many website email systems won't even tell you about this problem, and you'll just start to experience a loss of business.

To quickly fix the problem on our website software, I had to disable the following features on our web sites:

  • Email confirm opt-in notice
  • New listing email alerts
  • Sending a reply email in the manager to the prospect.
  • Share With Friend Form

Additionally, all lead notifications now come from our domain instead of your domain since we know our domain is configured correctly to send mail and we haven't had the time/money to individually update each client's email address. 

These features could be restored and work correctly with one of the following methods:

Method 1. Setup an email account at your own domain and stop using AOL/Yahoo/Microsoft, etc for web site emails (perhaps even changing all your email over to this account.)  I.e. instead of  We also need time to individually review each of our customer's configurations to do this, so the features will not be re-enabled for a while until we make time for this.

Method 2. Re-program our systems to allow secure storage of your email account password so that we can allow sending mail through AOL/Yahoo/Microsoft/Google.  We can't afford to do this right now and it would burden us with having to protect your primary email account information.

These changes likely affect other accounts you might have across the Internet especially realtor MLS systems that send email on your behalf.   If you continue to use AOL/Yahoo/Microsoft/Google accounts with them, your mail will likely not be delivered and you will suffer reduced communication with your prospects.

You can learn more about DMARC here or by searching Google.

The good thing about this change is there will be considerably less spam received on your AOL/Yahoo/Gmail/Microsoft, but you're also going to find it frustrating for some of your automated emails to not be delivered anymore if you continue to use those accounts on various web sites.

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