Circus Maximus at Prog Power USA XIV - Thank you for the killer performance!

Sun, Sep 15, 2013 at 9:55PM

The performance done by Circus Maximus at Prog Power USA XIV in Atlanta, Georgia this year was so awesome, I wanted to post my feedback on the Internet. I urge everyone to check out their music and buy their album if you like it. It's some of the best progressive metal ever recorded. This is my thank you fan letter to the band!

Dear Circus Maximus,

The performance you guys put on at prog power usa this year was awesome. You guys really blew me away live. I came to prog power mainly to see your performance and you exceeded my expectations. I also didn't realize how much of the lyrics I had memorized, and found myself singing along. That's rare for me. I think that made it more fun then bands where the singing is too complex / hard to hear. Everything in your band's music feels like it has a well designed place.

The way you guys are weaving together melodies with such a powerful rhythm mixed with progressive elements just blows me away.

I went with another person to prog power and both of us felt like the singing and playing you did was able to transport us to another place. The level of professionalism to your music was magical. Without ear plugs, I could hear everything and it was a very well balanced sound despite the music being complex.

I've bought or listened to just about anything decent in progressive rock/metal and I think your band is one of the best in the world right now for this style of music. I hope others appreciate the work you do and buy your album and help support the music.

Very few bands have the level of singing and lyrics that you guys have right now mixed with the quality of melodies and solos across the whole band. It brings me great joy to hear the level of detail other musicians put into their playing. Progressive metal/rock bands inspire me to be a better person and strive to improve my music and web design work. It takes seeing other people pushing themselves to the limits to realize you can do better for yourself. You don't have to settle for average.

I wish popular music sales were rewarding hard work and musicianship more so we had more bands like Circus Maximus.

I support progressive metal / progressive rock music because it seems like a lot of bands creating new music in this genre are some of the best players in the world, yet are not being rewarded to the extent they should. It takes having a real passion for the music and your instrument to grow a fan base more slowly without immediately trying to adapt your sound to a mainstream audience. It seems a lot of these bands are less about the business and more about the art of making music. In an age, when music without solos and live performance is more popular, bands that take the time to master their instruments are a rare commodity. Circus Maximus is an important band helping to keep rock / metal fresh and exciting.

I play drums and guitar for fun, so I understand how hard it is to do make great music like this. Your work is deeply appreciated.

Thank you so much for surprising us with some of the older music at the concert, because I'm definitely a fan of the progressive masterpieces you guys put together. However, you have done an amazing thing with Nine, carefully simplifying and refining your sound. I think it's easier to understand the new sound of Nine live because it was so powerful and creates time for crowd interaction and musical tension. The replay value of your music is incredible. If the music was too simple, it would start to lose replay value. It takes so much effort to find that balance I'm sure. If I had to pick a favorite song off Nine, it would be "Burn After Reading". It really combines everything you guys do so well into one song.

The old albums felt very saturated and live compared to Nine. Having a very tight / dry sound on Nine probably allowed you to give everything more attack, and it has more impact even at low volume. It sounds as good as something dream theater might put out, but you guys are completely fresh sound. For everything lost in sustain, you gain a great deal in clarity. I listen on mackie studio monitors, and I love to hear the little details. The reverb on the older vocals created a totally different feel to the music, which feels bigger / more epic at times especially for the vocals. In design, figuring out how to simplify things is everything, so it was probably "correct" to remove the extra fx and focus on better mix/mastering.

It was awesome being able to shake hands and thank you guys in person at the signing table. I hope I get to see you all on the east coast again someday and look forward to seeing how you develop your sound.

I hope you guys stay inspired by the music you are doing and continue to surprise us with something new.

Check out Circus Maximus on the Amazon MP3 Store and get inspired!

Nine - Circus Maximus

Isolate - Circus Maximus

The First Chapter - Circus Maximus

Check them out on youtube at progpower:

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