CMIS standard has enabled integrating office software with web content management.

Mon, Feb 18, 2013 at 12:30AM

Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) support is being included in some of the enterprise CMS systems right now and some open source projects have add-ons in progress.

The brand new LibreOffice 4.0 includes support for this 2-3 year old standard.
Often the only reason someone needs to re-create documents in a web editor is because the images and complex graphics don't automatically transfer, but this standard would allow you to read and display that information.

A CMS that can act as a server to the LibreOffice client software or other enterprise software would allow people to create documents using spreadsheet and writing tools rather then in-browser forms and html editors, which has been more difficult in the past when you wanted to preserve more complex layout and graphics automatically.  Now with a single standard, it is now easier for developers to build this kind of integration.

Designers like to lock things down to control aethetics, but this standard would enable users to have 100% control of their web content using free tools that are easier to use when creating large documents compared to web editors like Tiny MCE or CKEditor.   People managing large amounts of diverse unstructured web content, need to have tools that allow them to work more rapidly. This technology may be more important for managing Intranets, documentation systems, government, legal information and other kinds of web sites, and less useful for sites that used for marketing products and services.  

The people on the committee for the standard is essentially everyone notable even Microsoft, Adobe, and Oracle.  It is inevitable support for CMIS will soon be ubiquitous in many of the most popular content management systems.

Adding technologies like this is probably complex and time consuming, but it's now something that can be done as another bullet point to have on your feature list, which may allow your CMS to appeal to more users.

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