Black Hat SEO Will Get You Banned From Search Engines

Wed, Apr 09, 2008 at 7:00AM

To get good rankings fast, some web designers are using black hat or spamdexing techniques. They are manipulating HTML pages to increase their position artificially to trick search engines crawling and increase the ranking of their sites.

These spamdexed sites are often found in the first few pages of a search, but when viewed often pages are irrelevant. Some black hat techniques include keyword stuffing by increasing the amount of times on a page a keyword appears. There may be hidden or invisible links, which can include several similar sites linked together. Sometimes hidden text is used. It is often at the bottom of a page and the text is same color as the background. When you roll the curser over you then can see it. This text may not even be related to their site and is only there to increase page rank. 
Often Meta tag stuffing is used which is the practice of repeating keywords in Meta tags more than once or keywords not related to the site are used. Another thing that is done is link spamming. This is when a website is created and has many websites at different domain names all link to each other. Finally, there is cloaking which is displaying fake pages to search engines to increase indexing not seen by the public and then another page to the viewer entering the site.

Search engines have rules against black hat techniques and violations will get you banned from search engines. Having your site banned can be a huge loss to any company and should be avoided by all means. 

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