Anyone looking for extra web development work?

Thu, Jan 30, 2014 at 3:10PM

I'm curious if anyone is interested as becoming the go-to independent contractor on some of my projects that are slightly more technical then designers / non-technical person can manage.

Pricing is usually set by you, the contractor, and I don't get involved in taking your profits unless I'm doing some of the work. It is your responsibility to prove your cost is fair to the customer.  I can provide a lot of opportunities to do work, but the way you allocate your time will determine your profit.

Basic web development skills required

Some of my clients would like basic content changes, html and customizations that I don't always get around to doing very quickly. Essentially, I need someone interested in developing marketing materials for many small businesses by doing copywriting and HTML / CSS / Javascript customizations to improve leads and service customer's requests.

It is very common to need to convert a photoshop or illustrator document into a working html/css/javascript page.  You should have experience doing this, as we frequently need this work done.

The right person should fully have memorized most html/css/javascript web development issues so they can be efficient.   I don't really need someone who can build a complex framework/CMS from scratch, though that is still useful knowledge.  The reason we don't need you to understand the backend so much is because we've automated a lot of that work so you can use visual tools instead for many changes.

Having some good creative skills is helpful to help lead the marketing more and be independent.  I'd rather not have to spoon feed all ideas for how to make an existing web site better.

This work would be part-time or full-time depending on how well you are finishing and selling work.   Remote/telecommuting work is the only way I do business, so you can be anywhere as long as you have good english speaking and writing skills and can provide your own high speed internet / computers, etc.  I have been working from home for nearly 6 years, so this is not unusual to me.

Enjoy a very open & transparent operation

Nearly all of the work will be licensed as open source and much of it already is on & now.

I want contractors to make this their business.  I do this by encouraging them to develop their own customers and projects to help them sustain the lifestyle they want. I would prefer that we extend my existing software on my clients, but other then that, contractors have a lot of freedom.

99% of my work revolves around Linux, Git, Railo, Mysql, Adobe creative suite, and some PHP. I've been doing business for about 10 years, so I have a lot of experience with small business web development on my own.

I'm very proactive about practicing or moving towards best practices. I may use some of the money to start implementing more automated testing and documentation soon. At the moment, the systems are quite reliable (not buggy), and have excellent performance.  You wouldn't be coming into a mess really. I just need someone who wants to work hard on behalf of other small businesses.

You have to respect the customer data is their own, and any of our external developers have their own policies, but our internal processes are very flexible.  There is not a conflict of interest for you to develop a better or alternative plan for the clients, as long as it helps them.  I try to push our platform to the extent that it makes sense.  If another technology is more appropriate, we either shouldn't do the project, or we should use that other technology.  By focusing on our strengths, we are better able to raise the quality standard.

Help solidify my existing developer relationships

I've recently developed a stronger relationship with a 7 to 10 person team in town that has plenty of extra work.   After a year of successful projects, they are looking forward to implementing many more projects on my software and with me directly.   Most of this is happening because my automation & small business web site building tools in the project have matured to a point where I can show greater profitability as an outside contractor then they get with their own employees.

I worked for years at low income, to ensure I retained ownership of the software, and to make sure it is ready for building a bigger team of developers.  It is very close to the ultimate dream now.

Move at a faster pace with our software: Jetendo CMS

There is an opportunity for me to quickly deploy dozens or hundreds of new web sites on my platform now if I can find the right people to help me grow. I've largely automated most web development tasks at this point to make most of the repetitive programming and data entry unnecessary.   This platform allows all of the projects to be consolidated on one copy of the source code and database.    It is very exciting to be able to not only work faster, but be also able to deploy a new feature or bug fixes to over 100 web sites simultaneously.  I hope other developers begin to see this system as a superior option to many other platforms.

Because I'm both owner and developer, you wouldn't have to deal with managers who don't understand how things work.  You will be more likely to feel understood and appreciated when we are able to speak the same language.  I can give accurate feedback, and fill in the gaps in your knowledge.  This will help us succeed together.

Considerate of your goals

I can understand that it's not really fun to run someone else's business, that's why I try to make it become your business, your customers, so you have a sense of pride and ultimately are financially rewarded in a way that allows you to be a successful work-from-home independent developer. My oversight is limited to quality sensitive issues, and hopefully with the right person, I don't have to micro-manage.

Contact Bruce Kirkpatrick today if you're interested.

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