Any Railo/CFML developers looking for extra work?

Sun, Feb 16, 2014 at 9:05PM

Looking for work as a contractor or employee?  Maybe we should be working together.

I have a very transparent / open / friendly work style.   I'm doing the bulk of my work as open source projects now, so the work you do would also become open source / reusable in many cases for your personal use later.   In the last 2 years, I've worked towards creating a workflow & technical environment setup on best practices, free open source software, and automation to make sure that a new developer could be happier and more productive compared to working at a company that is not doing these things.
I want to allow a flexible work-at-home lifestyle, encourage personal freedom to be creative and make available ownership/profit sharing opportunities. I dislike traditional environments where you may earn a high salary but then you have to deal with corporate red tape, less freedom and no ownership of your work.   I couldn't stomach working so hard only to give it away and possibly be fired someday.   I work hard for very low income currently, but I'm happy to do that, because I like web development, and I'm work on what I like more often.  Over time, I earn more as the company grows and I still get paid for exactly what I want to do, so I don't have to complain about someone else's bad management decisions - only my own.
I want to grow my network of contractors a bit more and the ideal person is probably already using Railo.   I like using CFML as my primary backend language and I see Railo as the future of the technology, so I'd like to find someone who feels the same.
To be clear, I don't want to outsource my work, I want someone to collaborate with me using my existing software & processes or possibly add their own software into the mix.
I run my own business and contract with others too, and my relationships keep me constantly busy. In fact, I delay & reject work constantly. I have been involved with building or maintaining close to 200 small business web sites in the last 12 years and around 150 of them are still active.   I've built a lot of tools to make a developer/designer be more productive and do work that is less error-prone.
If you are inspired to grow your own business, and think you might benefit from teaming up with someone like me, let's discuss it.  This is as much an opportunity for you, as it is for me.   You could almost think of me as your employee, and vice versa.  I don't want to be your boss really, but I want to continue the goals I've started.  We could do more business by working together.
I think that it is a good time to try to add another developer to the process, and see what happens.  Contact me by phone or email if you're interested in teaming up!

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