5 Reasons to choose managed hosting services for your online business

Fri, Feb 22, 2013 at 6:35PM

Running a successful online business is often complex combination of diverse skills. Many people are able to specialize in a few keys areas such as marketing, providing a service, managing their physical business, but when it comes to technical solutions for web sites, they find themselves to need assistance.

What is managed hosting?

Managed hosting refers to hosting that someone else is responsible for taking care of the hosting solutions besides yourself. They retain full access to provide maintenance services and also provide consulting services to keep up with changing requirements. Just as you might hire a mechanic or a doctor, a managed hosting service provider is claiming to have a certain level of professional knowledge and experience.

Reason #1) Managed hosting continues to grow in popularity among businesses of all sizes.

Due to the increased amount of telecommuting and remote access via mobile devices, many companies have migrated towards hosted solutions for many of their core business software.

Moving your important data and applications to third party hosting company can often be a shortcut towards automation, collaboration, tighter security and improved reliability.

A wide variety of hosting solutions are available, and while some offer a great price, it is often at the expense of sacrificing something. Managed hosting can help to ensure you have the correct solution in place.

Reason #2) Self-managed hosting can lead to problems that risk your business's reputation.

Anyone can setup a free or very cheap hosting account and begin to develop their own web site. However they may find months or years later that it has become difficult to keep it up to date with the latest security fixes and best practices. Often business owners are in a constant race to find time to do things. Important security and software updates may be ignored since they don't impact your business until something goes wrong. When your data is lost or stolen, you may lose time and money in addition to harming your business's reputation. Often the greatest security risk is the computers and mobile devices in your office. A managed host follows security best practices to ensure that their personal computers & devices are just as secure as the servers they administrate as well as providing physical security measures for the hosting facility.

Reason #3) Learning how to choose a hosting solution is hard due to so many options being available.

The amount of technical terminology and configuration options you need to understand when comparing different kinds of hosting can make it a very time consuming process not just during the purchase process, but also recurring maintenance costs. Once your hosting has been setup, you may continue to wonder if it has been done correctly. It's important to realize that almost all hosting accounts are provided with software that is installed with the default options regardless of claims made by hosting companies. Default options are usually not optimal and can lead to serious security, performance or reliability problems down the road when something goes wrong.

Reason #4) Choosing the wrong solution can be wastefully expensive or inadequate if too cheap.

The worst thing about doing things without professional assistance is that you may find yourself have to start-over and fix numerous issues rather then getting the correct solution in place from the start. If you overcompensate and pay for a very expensive solution that is beyond your current needs, you may find yourself struggling more to pay that hosting bill. If you select a solution that is too cheap, your customers and you will pay the price by having to deal with long delays, unreliable service, you may have data that is permanently, and lack additional protection from security threats.

Reason #5) Managed hosting gives you proactive support and someone to call.

Perhaps the most important part is that managed hosting providers provide customer service. If your web site goes down in the middle of the night, chances are, the managed hosting provider already knows about it and will resolve the issue shortly. Being able to call someone for advice on how to scale your application and how to keep it running smoothly can go a long way towards giving you peace of mind. A managed host typically is committed to providing a high level of service quality that fits your budget.

We provide managed hosting for our customer's web sites

Choosing a managed host is easy if you are using Jetendo CMS or work with us to build your web site. We at Far Beyond Code, provide high quality managed hosting services for our applications. We're proactive about maintenance including security, performance, reliability. We treat our development computers just as important as the server when it comes to security.

As a customer, you will be able to ask us for recommendations and marketing advice for your online business. We offer a complete solution that allows you consolidate your online business costs into one low monthly fee.

Click here for more information about our managed services.

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